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Design Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Kid Friendly

Get A Step Stool

You do not need to make every piece of furniture in your bathroom kid size, but you do need to make sure that your kids can reach the necessary things they need. Be it the toilet, the sink, or just the toothpaste on the counter.

Getting a step stool will allow your kids to have a bit of freedom in the bathroom. They can go to the potty, wash their hands and brush their teeth on their own without you having to be with them all the time. It will also teach them independence as they are able to do these things on their own.

Of course, you can pick a toilet that is child sized, especially if you have a big family. This might help your kids be able to get on and off of the toilet on their own when they are littler and are unable to move a step stool by themselves. You can get more details on homeworthylist.com.

Choose Bright Accessories

You do not need to have bright green walls in order to make your space kid friendly. You can still have neutral colors on your walls and then choose bright accessories to make it a happy place for your children to be.

Choose a kid-friendly shower curtain, colored knobs, rugs, and trays to keep their things in. This will help your kids to feel like the space is really theirs.

Have Special Toys That Are Only for Bath Time

When I was a kid my mom had a set of special toys that we could only use while she was working from home. This made it to where we got excited every time, she took the basket of toys out, and she was able to work while we played quietly beside her.

As an adult I brought that same mentality to my children in the bathroom. We have a basket of toys that are only used in the bathroom. Sometimes they are used in the bath, other times when mom or dad are getting ready but don’t want them running around. Just make sure all of them are water proof so that you don’t have mold and mildew growing on toys that your children will inevitably put in their mouths.

Use Kid Friendly Products

Yes, companies market products to kids in order to get their parents money. Yes, sometimes you would rather spend fifty cents on a generic toothbrush than the five-dollar cartoon character one your child wants. I get it.

You know what though? Your child is more willing to use the products, and be excited about using them, if it involves something they like.

Be it a toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, or bubble bath, your child be happy to use a product geared to themselves. It will make bath time more pleasant for everyone involved. Trust me.

Have A Child Sized Toilet

Okay this one might sound crazy, especially since I have just sung the praises of a step stool but hear me out. If you have a large family, babysit other kids in your home, or even only have one bathroom in your house. You might want to consider a child-sized toilet.

Now I’m not talking about a training potty, although those are nice. Running back and forth to empty it out all the time can become a hassle. Instead you can have a child-sized toilet in your bathroom. It can sit alongside your regular sized toilet if you have room. It makes life a lot easier, check this page for more details.



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