Dealing With Smart Gadgets: DIY Diagnostics Guide

In the past few years, there has been an increased popularity of smart home gadgets—and this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Furthermore, statistics show that the global smart home market will exceed $53 billion by the end of 2022. The smart gadgets that we use in our homes are designed to make things easier. However, this is usually not the case, especially when they break down. 

So, what happens when one of the smart devices in your home breaks down? Probably your smart bulb or switch stops following the set schedule. Or maybe Siri won’t sync with other gadgets in your home. Or your smart hub contains finding other devices, even when you are sure that these devices are in perfect condition. 

Now, diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with your smart gadgets depends on their problem. That means some of these issues are very simple, and you don’t have to call a technician to solve them. With that said, let’s look at the DIY diagnostics guide for smart gadgets. 


Common problems with smart gadgets

The following are the common problems with smart gadgets:

  • Wi-Fi connection problems: too many devices connected, not enough bandwidth
  • Connection dropouts: old router, range issues
  • Bluetooth connectivity: pairing process, frequency problems
  • Software update: version incompatibility and installation errors
  • App malfunction: app not loading, app crashing
  • Hardware malfunction: broken motherboard, defective device
  • Connection cutouts: wireless interference

So, how do you solve these problems?

Restart the gadget

If you face any issue with your smart device, such as not finding it or getting the problem resolved after troubleshooting, restarting is a fairly easy and quick fix. For most devices, simply unplugging and replugging will work just fine. However, some devices may need to be shut down for a couple of minutes before restarting. Furthermore, note that your device needs to be plugged in correctly and turned on to function properly.

Reset the device

Another option if your smart gadget is not working properly, reset it to its factory settings and set it up again. For example, you can reset an iPhone by going to Settings> General> Reset and tapping on ‘Erase All Content and Settings. However, keep in mind that this will wipe all personal data from the phone, so make sure you have a backup before you proceed. You may also note that some devices require a certain sequence to be followed to reset them. The best course of action is to call the manufacturer’s customer service number for help with these devices.  

Update the software

The technicians from Hartman’s Jacksonville appliance repair advise homeowners to check to see if there are any updates available for your gadget. For example, the latest iOS update by Apple should take care of most issues with iPhone. Also, make sure you have the correct version of software installed on your device. Furthermore, don’t forget that updates can also solve problems with Bluetooth connections between devices.

Replace the batteries 

If all else fails and your smart gadgets are still not working or giving an error message, replace the batteries in your devices—especially if they are wireless gadgets like doorbells or smoke detectors. Sometimes problems occur because old batteries are being used so frequently that they turn out to be a simple fix to get things up and running quickly.

Bluetooth problem: pair it again

If you have problems with Bluetooth connectivity on your smart devices, try pairing it again. A simple restart of the device often solves the problem. However, if that does not work, delete the previous pairing and pair it again. Furthermore, ensure that there aren’t any other devices using the same frequency—it might be interfering with your current Bluetooth connection.

App issue: download a new one

Do not underestimate this solution if all else fails. One of the most common reasons for an app-related problem is compatibility issues or outdated software. If you have tried all other options to get things working, but nothing is working out, consider deleting the existing app on your device and downloading a new one from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Sometimes deleting and reinstalling an app can solve all your problems as it refreshes the software on the device.

Replace the wires

If you have a smart home system with wires running everywhere, it is time to replace them. Old cables can become faulty, and that can cause all sorts of problems—for example, if your smart lighting is not working properly, try replacing the wiring if possible. Sometimes cables going from one device to another often get damaged by pets or children. In such cases, swap out the damaged cable for a new one and see if the problem goes away. 

Hardware issue: visit store

If you have tried everything but still not getting things working properly, it is time to call a professional—professional contractor for hire or manufacturer’s customer support only depending on the type of problem and gadget. For example, if your smart devices like wireless speakers or doorbell stop working, contacting a local repair store might be the best option because these are third-party manufacturers, and you will need to contact them directly for replacement parts.

However, issues with smart hubs can be fixed by calling the manufacturer’s technical support line. If your smart devices are making strange noises or not responding properly, it is best to take them to the manufacturer’s store to check and service/repair them if needed.

Bottom Line

There you go. This is how you can solve some of these issues on your own. However, if this doesn’t work with your smart gadgets, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s customer support line directly for assistance because these are only general solutions that should not be applied in all circumstances to all devices.


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