Business Broker Hiring Checklist: What to Look At

Are you planning to sell your business? This is probably one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make in your life. If you want to attract the right buyers who can give you the right deal, you must ensure that you do everything correctly—something that most people cannot accomplish, especially if they’ve never sold a business before. 

Now, this is where the need for a business broker comes in. A business broker can make things easier for you since they handle everything—from marketing your business-to-business valuation, maintaining confidentiality, and closing the deal. However, finding the right business broker isn’t that easy. The business brokerage industry is saturated with thousands of brokers, making it hard to choose the right business broker. And, the business broker that you choose can make or break your deal. With that said, let’s look at the most important things to consider when hiring a business broker. 

Experience and Reputation 

While there are many things that you should look into when hiring a business broker, experience and reputation are some of the most important things to look at. A certified business broker has undergone training and has passed appraisal exams. Hence, they know everything about selling a business—from marketing it to finding the right buyer. Also, make sure to hire someone who specializes in selling businesses like yours.

Hiring someone specializing in selling similar businesses will give you better chances of getting your asking price since they understand what buyers want. On top of that, ensure that the business broker is reputable—one who doesn’t provide false information or misrepresent themselves as something that they’re not (some brokers claim to have sold a business for millions, but they don’t disclose the details of the sale). 

In addition, make sure to hire someone who has ample experience in selling businesses like yours. They understand your industry and know how to sell it quickly and efficiently. And chances are they can recommend more than one buyer—something that you want if you want to increase your chances of getting your asking price. Plus, an experienced business broker will be able to give you better advice on how to market and promote your business so buyers will take note of it.

The valuation method

One of the most important things to look at when choosing a business broker is the valuation method. If you choose the wrong one, you might end up with an unfair price—something that can put your deal in jeopardy. Different business brokers use other methods of valuation. Some of these methods include replacement, market, and income valuation.

  • Replacement is the method most people think of when it comes to business valuations. Under this method, a business broker calculates how much money it would cost for someone to start all over again—buy land, construct buildings (if necessary), find employees (if required), etc.— to replace your business.
  • Market value is the price that buyers are willing to pay for your business given its risks, fees included.
  • Income valuation considers future earnings minus expenses to arrive at an estimated value or worth of a company. This method works best if you have an established track record of generating profits through your past operations.


You should also look at the communication skills of your business broker. Make sure to hire someone who can answer your questions in a timely manner and one who can explain everything—as much as possible—to you, so you’ll understand what they’re doing, even if it’s their job alone to close the deal.

If you notice that the business broker does not fulfill these three key things, then it might be time for you to look for another one. Remember—a good business broker could lead you into selling your business fast and getting top dollar.


In addition, you might want to check reviews to see if other people have been satisfied with their services. You can easily check online whether they’re reputable or not. Reviews are good indicators of how clients feel about the services provided to them. If you find out that most clients are happy with the services, then it might be time for you to put your trust in them as well.

However, if you find out that most clients complain about the business broker, then don’t hesitate to look for another one. Remember—finding the right business broker could lead you into selling your business fast and getting the best deal out of the transaction.


According to the professional Orlando Business Broker, you should ensure that your business broker is transparent about how they will market and sell your business. Make sure to ask them about their marketing methods and what you can expect from this process. In addition, know how much commission they will be taking from the sale or if it’s a flat fee for selling your business.

Marketing skills

Last but not least, make sure that your business broker knows how to market and sell businesses. A good business broker should be able to research your competitors, determine their selling strategies, and determine how they are different from you. They should also have a list of potential buyers that fit your criteria.

And that’s it! You now know what to look at when hiring a business broker. If you want to get your business sold as soon as possible and for the best deal, then make sure to hire someone who meets these conditions.



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