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Darker bedrooms could help you get a better nights sleep

Window coverings could help you get a better nights sleep

Sleep is a vital part of life and at the Night Helper we know that as well as any! Sleep promotes an active lifestyle, good mental health and overall well being. Despite the known benefits of sleep there are a lot of people around the world who just don’t get enough. A survey was picked up by the UK National Health Service in 2011 which outlines the extent of the problem in the UK. But don’t think being in the US makes sleep any easier. NPR states in 2008 that 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia. So what to do about it?

Make your bedroom as dark as possible

With so many of us living in cities these days it’s hard to achieve complete blackout for sleep. Darkness is one of the essential ingredients for a good nights sleep. According to Cheap Shutters, people could try to make a bedroom darker with shutters’ for a better nights rest. Shutters are super solid and cut out a lot of light says their chief consultant Neil Davies. “If you couple plantation shutters with blackout blinds you will be in almost complete darkness” he continues. “This is so important in today’s world where we have car lights passing windows or other light pollution. There’s a lot of apartment blocks now which have automated lighting outside or homes are near roads with street lights”. However you look at it, getting your room dark will definitely help with sleep.

Do plantation shutters block out light?

This depends on the type of interior shutters being used. Naturally solid panels will have the biggest effect as there are no slats which open and close. Solid panels are pretty traditional looking though and would suit older homes. More modern windows will tend to look better with slatted shutters, however these are going to let more light in through the gaps.  Where they do really keep out the shine is where they are combined with other window coverings such as curtains or blackout blinds. You can also learn about how Express Essex Blinds are good for your home too. If you budget allows this is definitely the way forward for sleep hygiene.

How else can sleep be improved?

There are a lot of factors in getting a good nights sleep, it’s not just how dark your bedroom is. sleep.org getting on a sleep schedule amongst other things and we agree. How many times haven’t we sat in front of our computer at night trying to finish off some work. Or changed channel on the television for one more drop of news before bed. Being on a routine will help get the body in sync.

Getting the right amount of sleep for you can even reduce stress and anxiety. Read our recent post here for more on how to relieve-stress-anxiety.


If you are having trouble sleeping drop us a line as we are sure to be up writing!


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