Curly Wigs: Care and Caution

I know, I know, you’ve been dying to try out the curly hair trend, right? But maybe you’re too scared of ruining your hair or maybe your hair just doesn’t hold the right volume for luscious curls, and that’s alright! But in an attempt to not hold back from realizing your hair dreams, you’ve gone down the curly wig route, and I salute you girl! There’s nothing like a woman that knows exactly what she wants with her looks and stops at nothing to achieve it. 

So, you’ve got your curly wig and you couldn’t be more excited for all the curly hair days ahead, but I know you’ve got a fear creeping up inside of you: how am I going to not ruin my wig? Don’t worry sister, I’ve got you covered. I know firsthand all the trials and tribulations that come with a curly wig and its maintenance, and I’m going to share all of my upkeep secrets with you, so you better listen up!

Here’s how to keep your curly wig looking as good as new, forever:

    1. Skimp on the Wash Day, Yes, I said Skimp

We all love to clean our hair, right? And since our wigs are basically our hair, it’s natural that we’d love to keep them clean too, right? Well, while there’s nothing worse than a dirty wig, there’s little good that comes out of washing your wig too frequently, especially if it’s a curly wig.

You see, every time you wash your wig, it opens the cuticle a little bit more, making it lose its intended shape and depriving it of the its embedded oil. And of course, the harsher the wash, the worse shape your curls are going to be in, so gentle is the key. And on top of that, curly wigs are notorious for drying out fast, and too much water just speeds up the damaging process. 

So, be seldom on the wash, and look for alternative cleaning methods and protective styles instead of full water immersions each time around. That said, you should wash your wig, just in moderation – but no one wants to be dealing with a curly wig with product, grease, and sweat accumulated on the scalp.

    2. Did Someone Say Sulfate? Yikes!

Sulfate is a known moisture stripping ingredient, and there’s nothing worse than a dry wig. And since curly wigs are especially sensitive to drying materials, it’s best to keep them away from all and any sulfate products, including shampoos. 

In fact, most shelf shampoos contain sulfate, so you’re going to have to do some research to get your hands on one that’s best for your wig. Oh, and the same goes for alcohol as it’s an equally drying ingredient. 

You must be wondering, well what am I supposed to use then? Relax, there are tons of alcohol and sulfate free products for you to use. And the internet is your best friend that holds all the answers! 

    3. Moisturize for the Heavens

I think I’ve mentioned that curly wigs dry out fast, right? Well, that means they need all the moisture they can get, and no, I’m not talking about submerging them in a bowl of water! But it does need water replacement fo the moisture that it loses. 

Make a habit of conditioning your wig after wash day, and a weekly deep condition is always a good idea on the side. As for oiling, your wig needs nothing else. Treat your wig to a relaxing oil massage – some of the best oils to use include olive oil, almond oil, Moroccan nut oil, and coconut oil as these hold moisture replenishing qualities – and gently yet thoroughly treat each strand. 

You’ll soon see the results and your curly wig will be looking more curlier and healthier than ever! And of course, it’ll last you longer, helping you save up on some big bucks! 

     4. Keep the Towels Away!

It’s almost human nature to reach for a towel after washing out hair, and because of that, we tend to do the same with our wigs. However, drying your wig with a towel will cause the rough fibers to open up its cuticle, ruining the shape of your wig. 

Instead, pat dry your wig with a soft cotton t-shirt, letting the complete drying process happen naturally. And while this is happening, try to keep your curiosity at bay and not fiddle around too much with your wig – the more it’s disturbed, the greater the chances of damage are. And the same goes for our brushes and combs – curly wigs should never be brushed with a regular brush, it’s best to use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers for any detangling and setting, and that too when it’s dry, monica said.

Of course, an alternative to natural drying is drying your wig with a diffuser, but that takes up more time and is only recommended if you have a free schedule. 

     5. Limit the Wig Spray and Mousse

I know how easy it is to be tempted to treat UNice wigs with sprays and mousses, but too much use of these and they do more damage than good. The first thing to be mindful of when using any sort of wig spray or mousse is to make sure that they are free of alcohol and sulfate as these are common ingredients in both of these products. 

And while you may want to use a wig spray or mousse to add some shine and gloss to your wig, it’s always better to search for alternatives. Things such as wig oiling, deep conditioning, and proper storage add to the wig’s look and keep it looking healthy and luscious.


So, if you’ve got a curly wig – or if you’re waiting to hop on the trend – then you’ve got to stick to this curly wig playbook. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver! 




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