Benefits Of Horse Riding For Health

If we look back to history, not too long ago, people used horses to get around, and almost everyone had horse-riding skills. However, as technology advanced and cars emerged, horse riding became an activity used for entertaining.

Over the years, the horse-riding culture managed to survive and people nowadays use horses for many different things such as racing, riding, carrying supplies, agriculture, and much more.

But apart from being a fun activity that will bring you close to nature, horse riding brings many physical and mental benefits to your body.

This got us wondering, what are all the benefits that come with horse riding, and should you consider it as a weekend activity from now on?

Let’s highlight some of the benefits that come with horse riding.

Muscle Tone and Flexibility

Horse riding is actually really beneficial for your physical health just because large groups of muscles are active during the process of riding a horse. Even though horses are doing most of the work, the rider is actually controlling the animal and requires a lot of muscle strength in order to handle the ride.

Horse riding is very beneficial for the inner thighs and pelvic muscles. Since riders are in a constant squatting position maintaining their balance and adjusting to the cadence of the horse, a lot of the muscles in this area are active.

This not only improves the strength of the muscles but also their flexibility.

Body Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of horse riding is building up the core muscles that stabilize the trunk, such as the abdominal, pelvic muscles, and back. With that said, it is not only about the strength of the core. Horse riding also improves coordination between muscles to maintain stability and balance while riding.

Many movements happen simultaneously while riding a horse, which also improves coordination and better connection to the animal.

Mental Exercise

Horse riding also brings many benefits to your mental health. The process will not only let you learn more about yourself and your body’s abilities, but it also has a meditative effect because for the time being the focus is on riding and maintaining balance. 

You can take inspiration from some of the best competitors in horse racing history, like Justify, the horse that won the Triple Crown for the last time. It takes a lot of mental availability to ride a horse and they are amazing creatures with personalities and incredible capacities.

Horse riding is a complex ability that requires a lot of practice. This means that a large portion of the brain focuses on all the things that are happening, which relaxes the brain from things that might be bothering you.

Additionally, humans can establish an emotional connection with a horse. This will help you appreciate horses even more on your next ride.

Lastly, horses are the perfect way for humans to get close to nature. Riding a horse will get you peace of mind and let you forget about all the things that are happening around you.

Cardio Exercise

Horse riding is a huge cardio exercise that will shake up every part of your body. Normal horse riding is considered a moderate-intensity exercise that can increase your heart rate and burn hundreds of calories.

Since every part of your body is active and there is a lot of movement, horse riding is perfect as a cardio exercise.

Boosting Your Mood and Reducing Stress

Horse riding is the perfect stress pill that you might need. Living in a dynamic time with a lot of things happening at the same time can lead to being anxious and stressed. This is the perfect time for you to take a horse ride since the rider is focused on the task which lowers the stress levels and spending time with the animal causes the body to release serotonin, which is a mood-enhancing hormone.

Horse Riding is a Social Activity

Socializing with other people and horses might be the perfect thing that we need, especially at a times like these after long social isolation. Forming a connection with other riders and horses will help you overcome mental issues better.

The rider can also form a bond with the horses and draw comfort from the feeling of companionship, which is a huge mental health boost.


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