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Convenient Tricks for Making Life Easier During Sight Loss

Experiencing the loss of a sense can be incredibly traumatic. Many people born without the use of their eyes report feeling no sense of loss, whereas having sight and then losing it can drastically change your life. While there is no denying that the initial discovery of worsening sight is unsettling, there are tactics you can use to make the transition less scary. Here are a few convenient tricks you can use to give yourself a head start.

Attend Training

It might seem strange, but losing your sight means that you will need to learn a whole new set of skills in order to continue living an independent life. If you grew up accustomed to using your sight to navigate the world, trying to do so without your vision can be disorienting. Just like any other skill, however, you can learn to adapt and grow confident again without sight. The brain is amazingly agile when it has to be, so attend designated training groups for a chance to build up your confidence.

Protect Your Eyes

Even though you are experiencing vision loss, it is still important to protect your eyes. In fact, it may be more important in order to restrict the extent of the damage. Wearing sunglasses will help to keep UV rays from harming your eyes when out and about. Visit your ophthalmologist regularly so they can assess the condition of your eyes and make suggestions specific to you.

Use Accessibility Features on Devices

Technology today is so quick and convenient, often becoming an integral part of people’s lives. This is particularly true for people without sight or with partial sight since mobile devices can be adjusted to the user’s needs. You can also check various accessibility tools to find which ones are worth trying out. Soon you will discover your preferred methods of using the internet but in the beginning, it’s good to explore different options. It takes time to find out how to perfectly configure your devices for easy use.

Try Out a Voice Assistant at Home

Voice-controlled home assistants are popular with many households all over the world. They are especially valuable in homes where accessibility is a top priority. Being able to speak commands to your home assistant can make everyday tasks simpler and quicker so you have more time.

Use Tactile Label Systems

People with extensive sight loss use their sense of touch to identify objects and this is why tactile labeling is so useful. Three-dimensional stickers, raised bumps, rubber bands, and other textures can be attached to different objects, so you know what they are without seeing them.

However frightening it may be to lose your eyesight, especially in a world that is not properly designed for people whose abilities differ from yours, there are ways to cope and make daily life easier. Everyone has a unique experience and what works for you might not work for someone else. It’s all about figuring out what makes your day less stressful so you can keep enjoying yourself.


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