How to Lose Weight in Your Face Fast.

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Sometimes, babies tend to look cute on chubby cheeks; however, a more chiseled face usually looks better. So if the latter is your desire for your kid, then you must know the secret lies in a change of lifestyle

According to the article How to Lose Fat: A Guide for Slimming your Face, genetics are the number one factors responsible for the shape of our face. For most people, it is definitely as a result of carrying extra baggage of fats. Since we were the ones that introduced the fat in the first place, we can also get it out.

However, it must be done in a general sense. What this means is that you can’t just focus on losing weight on your face alone. That is not just the way it works. The target should be your whole body and it will impact on your face as well. In summary, what you need is a quality diet and exercise, proper hydration and care of the skin.


Why Your Face Should Not Be The Target

Your face may be the part of your body having the problem of fat, it is not the source. Rather, everything begins from the cells; this means that cells are where your body stores fat. Before you can burn fat, there must first of all be a complex chemical process that brings about conversion of the stored fat into energy that can be used by the body.

So when we take in the proper diets and exercise, this conversion is initiated, but what cell it begins from is not ours to determine. It is strictly determined by our genetics. This implies that just because you want your face to lose fat doesn’t mean that your body will agree with you that. It is believed that your body knows best. Your body can tell where the problem lies and how to go ahead correcting it. It could even be that what you consider to be the cause is really not it.

Sometimes, a full face may be as a result of some other factors other than the regular fats. It could be as a result of aging, where the little fat shifts and concentrates downward into the chin and jowls. Yours is to play your part of proper dieting and exercising, and your body naturally goes to work. So you see, in such a case you can’t change your age, neither can you change your genetics. The only control you have is over your general weight.

So this means your energy must be directed at developing effective strategies on cutting down on our calorie consumption. You can start by finding out how many calories you currently burn using some tools that are available online. This usually vary as a result of age, size, gender and activity level. Afterwards, work towards reducing on the calories and instead increase in calorie burning. A 500- 1,000 calorie level of deficit can lead to a yield of about 2 pound per week.

It is important that you avoid the temptation of cutting down on too much calories as this can backfire. If you cut down too much calories, it can lead to a stalling of your metabolism, making your weight loss a lot harder. In the same vein crash dieting can also cause a sagging of the skin on your face. This is a result of losing too much too quickly, without giving your skin enough time to shrink back gradually.


Lose Weight and Brighten Your Complexion with Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises, when done in healthy amounts goes a long way to improving circulation. A proper circulation in turn makes for a more vibrant and brighter look, no matter the shape f your face.  With a weekly dose of about 150 minutes of moderately intended cardio, according can result in a tremendous build up for your body. Imagine the results you will get with an extended period of 300 minutes or more – you’ll achieve a greater and more tremendous weight loss, plus the amazing benefits to your health.

Strength training also comes to play in any quest for losing pounds. It helps in preserving lean muscle mass, and as a result boosts your metabolism. Also, to maintain a lean muscle takes a great deal of energy or calories. As much as you can, get involved in workouts that engage your major muscle groups. Examples are squats, pull-ups or pus-ups. These exercises cannot be compared to any face-specific exercise.


Promote a Healthy Face with Lifestyle Strategies

Strategies involving your lifestyle contribute a lot to the appearance of the face. These strategies go as far as discouraging the effects of genetics and aging. It is important that you imbibe the habit of wearing sunscreens whenever you are outdoors – whether it’s for pleasure or for exercising. Also, as much ad much as possible, reduce your consumption of processed foods or high-sodium foods. Excess sodium in the body has been linked to dehydration and thereby causing water retention by your body. As these happens, one of the consequences will be an extra volume areas below the eyes and in your cheeks.

Lastly, another lifestyle that can not be overemphasized is that of having a regular quality sleep. It  helps a lot in improving the appearance of the face. As a rule of thumb, between 7-9 hours of a day should be dedicated to sleep. To further help the appearance of you skin, you can apply or contour with foundation or dark-shaded cream. This can help in creating a thinner face appearance, while you’re waiting for other efforts to begin to yield result.










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2 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight in Your Face Fast.

  • November 20, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    So, to reduce my face fat I just need to lose weight? No specific exercises? That’s great! I was loosing my time with all those fancy face exercises and all I needed was to eat well, hydrate, exercise and sleep well… Thank you so much!

  • November 19, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape… the hard part is getting your mind in shape. The trick to lose face fat is eat properly and exercise well. Did you know that every 35 days, your skin replaces itself? Your liver, about a month. Your body makes this new cells from the food you eat, what you eat literally becomes you. So eat wisely, drink lots of water because your skin will appreciate it. And of course, don’t forget to exercise.


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