Why Contact Lens is Better than Glasses

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For someone with limited eye visibility, it always comes down to choosing between the traditional glasses and contact lenses. While the use of traditional glasses has worked effectively for the most part of the eye-aiding history, the origination of the contact lens is fairly recent. The results from both the traditional glasses and the fairly modernized contact lens have been successful. This has led to the origination of split opinions between people preferring contact lens and those preferring the old-fashioned glasses.

Keep in mind that both glasses and contact lenses are both effective for visual aid. However, the key difference arises in the way they function, the level of comfort that each of them provides, the convenience of wearing them for a prolonged period, and in some cases the budget value as well.

Although the majority of the people have grown used to the use of traditional glass, it has some few flaws. The primary flaw of a conventional eyeglass is that it does not produce as much accurate vision as contact lenses. This is especially true in the initial stages of wearing an eyeglass. In fact, almost 60% of people who prefer contact lens have stated that the distorted/ blurry vision in the initial stages is the primary reason for them switching to contact lenses. Other reasons include the inconvenience of wearing a physical glass for a long duration, allergic reaction, easy to break and weather-dependent vision (not suitable for humid and cold weather)

Contact lens eliminates all the drawbacks of a conventional eyeglass and provides a better and smarter solution for improving your vision.

  • Better vision

It’s true that both eyeglasses and contact lens provides an identical visual aid, however, even if it is by the smallest margin, contact lens does a better job in improving and producing a more accurate image.

Contact lens does this as they directly applied to the eye curvature, hence increasing the field of view and ultimately producing less distortion. This also corrects refractive errors and improves nearsightedness/farsightedness as well.

  • Improves eye comfort

With the lens, the need to wear a physical glass all day long is eliminated. This obviously promotes better comfort to the eye and also lens does not get in the way of anything. Also, the lens comes in different material construction that you can choose from to gain optimal eye comfort.

  • Normalcy

You get to do everything like a normal person without any restrictions, especially in sporting events. You also don’t feel the need to adjust your glasses frequently throughout the day to improve your vision. Wearing contact lenses gives you the freedom of being like a normal person and also do everything like a normal person with no visual disabilities.

  • Independent of weather conditions

Eyeglasses have to be cleaned at regular intervals to make use of its optimal visual aid, especially during rainy and winter season, where fogs and rain significantly obstruct the glass vision.

Contact lens sits on your cornea and functions as a normal eye. Hence they are free from any obstructions irrespective of any weather conditions.

  • Multitude of options

Using contact lens can have its fair share of fun elements. Why restrict yourself to wear the same old glasses or lens when you can experiment with different eye contact lens colors? Even though it is entirely an aesthetic factor, it is no doubt exciting to try out different color lenses and see how you would look.

P.S. it is recommended to take your Doctor’s advice before switching from the normal eye contact lens.

Some special types of contact lenses are designed to reshape your cornea during the night. This temporarily helps in correcting myopia, so that you can see clearly the next morning without the need of contact lenses or any visual aiding products.

All the above factors make contact lenses a much more effective and also a more convenient mode of improving your vision rather than the conventional eyeglasses. You can buy contact lenses easily from any trusted dealers online or contact lens dealers near you.






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One thought on “Why Contact Lens is Better than Glasses

  • April 22, 2019 at 7:42 am

    I started wearing contacts because, it was impossible for me to wear glasses while I was working out and running. They would get fogged up and also fly off my face. I didn’t realize that vision was also better with contact lenses. I love wearing contacts, except for the fact that sometimes I forget to take them off.


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