Comparison between Branded Modafinil and Generic Provigil

What is actually Modafinil?

The very first question which comes in the mind of readers is that what actually is Modafinil and what advantages does it bring when compared to other generic drugs like Provigil?

Modafinil refers to the pharmaceutical drug that has been originated to have treatment of sleep related issues which are considered from the perspective of pharmaceuticals. It gained popularity relying on the facts that it boosts a human bran to work exceptionally well without getting a feeling of tiredness and sleepy. It was developed for the first time during 1990s when the major purpose was to promote the perspective of wakefulness among the individuals who have been suffering from the respective issues of narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift sleep disorder along with a lot more.

With the increased trends towards multi-tasking and getting pace for all A’s in all professional aspects the need to smart drugs actually originated. Professionals such as doctors, related to forces and civilian jobs that requires long sleepless hours really do feel this need to activate their brains despite of the facts that they are tired and mind needs to rest. Such smart drugs have really reformed their lives and have made them capable of doing work that is beyond their tolerance limit, even exceptionally. Doing so not only increase their performance scales at greater margins but also it comes with minimal of side effects. So, a deal with no side effects is definitely a cherishing one for professionals whose job require extravagant performance measures in professional carrier.

Who uses Modafinil?

This drug is widely been used by massive population and in the current modern arena, this drug is mostly used by the students, entrepreneurs and many other popular and famous CEOs who have to work day and night for their studies, businesses and other organizations. The reason is that it helps to enhance the overall focus of individuals in terms of cognition and assists students in getting better grades and businessmen are able to make more money. After a detailed surveys study on excessive use of smart drugs practiced all over the world, the major reason behind that is the use of smart drugs have not caused major side effects to the people who use them.

Now, there is another very important aspect, what is the brand name of Modafinil? It’sProvigil. This is called as the most popular smart drug which has the street name of Modafinil and its brand name is “Meds4sure: Best Nootropics Smart Drugs Generic Provigil Modafinil 100mg Dosage Tablets”. Often the technical brand names are less known than commonly abbreviated terms same is that case in pharma terminologies as well.

Similarities between Modafinil and Provigil

The most fortunate part is that both Modafinil and Provigil are somewhat similar in nature. They are exactly one of the same things from the respective chemical standpoint. Both of these drugs are made from the racemic Modafinil which also means that each of these drugs includes 50% R-Modafinil and has around 50% of the S-Modafinil. If these two products are designed and manufactured properly then they both contain same amount of enantiomers. So basically, the chemical composition of these drugs is actually same in ratios even and they are sued to serve the same purpose.

What is the difference in Provigil?

The major difference is that Provigil is highly expensive. If a person has a great insurance, even then he might end up in making above $5 USD for just the tiny little amount of 200mg pill of Provigil. This difference seems to be huge when the person only has to pay $0.80 per of the Modalert 200 mg at many of the Modafinil pharmacies online. Now again this difference is just based on pill charging policies that may even vary worldwide. One reason for this price difference could be that Provigil is a more popular name for this smart drug and Modafinil is not that popular. So pharmacies charge higher for the ones that have popularity in customers mind already.

Now the question is that why people still spend so much money on buying when they can easily have access to Modafinil online? This is based on the fact that many people believe that Modafinil is being manufactured in India and, thus, has compromised quality. Manufacturing of a medicine has a lot more to do with the quality owes specifically when it comes to Asian regions people trust it the least. This is the biggest aspect of pharma industry today. People rely on reputed brands more than the ones unknown. The manufacturing has a lot to deal with the quality of a medicines. Owing to this very increasing trend, the concept of online pharmacies has actually originated in order to enhance the online shopping of authorized and qualitative products across globe. This is what the main purpose of remotely operating business is.

The process is just as simple as clicking few events at a company’s website. All you need to do is to visit the particular website you want to do buying from. Just search for the desired product, add it to cart, do the payment via your preferred choice of payment method and provide all the required customer credentials to the vendor website that are by policy made sure to be safe and that’s just it. You get your desired medicines just in as lesser time you could imagine delivered right at your doorstep.


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