Choosing the Right Drone on Your First Purchase

Stunning aerial photos taken from a drone can capture a wider, panoramic view in the form of images and videos. It gives an entirely different and impressive perspective you never would get otherwise. It is no wonder why a lot of people, including travelers, bloggers, journalists, events organizers and photographers, are investing in quality drones that can give them high-definition images and videos to go with their work. If you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself, this is probably a major reason why.

Buying a drone does not come cheap and the price goes more expensive as you check for higher quality and certain specifications. Camera drones start at around $300 while best reviewed ones have at least a $1,000 price tag. It is still for your best interest to do your homework, research the drones available in the market and tackle your needs so you get the right drone at the price you are willing to pay.

The first thing you should consider before buying is to decide what you need it for. If you’re in the creative niche, then you will definitely need a camera drone that captures stills in high definition. If it is for business, you have to think buying as an investment so the best choice is to find an equipment that will last longer and is within your current operating cash flows. Buying a drone can be for leisure alone, such as for racing or simple fun, but you should consider finding higher quality and price if this equipment is to be used for your passion, profession or business.

Next is to look for product features. The usual includes size, flight speed, battery life, camera specifications, app integration, flight control, GPS, operating software, maintenance, electronic parts and range. For more expensive drones, advanced features may have security like obstacle avoidance to prevent the drone from crashing, camera stabilization for minimal video shakes, altimeter for terrain following, brushless motors for lesser noise when operating a drone, and even auto take-off and landing.

These premium features cost more money but can give you a better experience, lower maintenance costs and longer useful life. Take time to go over these features and select only those you really need. Also, you can check reliable and independent product reviews like Dronethusiast, forums and drone communities online to know the best models and their prices, how some UAVs work and even helpful tips to keep your flying safe and fun at the same time.

Flying an equipment in a controlled airspace can be regulated by certain laws, both local and national. Apart from being aware and compliant with the existing regulations, you should also check whether drones sold are eligible for flying and certain advanced operations. Ask manufacturers or sellers if they have secured flight operating certificates, drone registrations or other legal declarations so you won’t have to worry of being handcuffed by the police once you start flying your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Never fly a drone unless you are fully aware of all the regulations and have registered your drone to the federal aviation authority.

Buying a costly UAV and just crashed it before on your first or few tries can be depressing for you. Before you set your hands on the app or remote, train yourself and, as much as possible, fly a drone in open space first until you’ve mastered the speed, range, and controls. Also, you can ask a family member or a friend to train your drone set-up, pre-flight tips, and basic to advanced flying and safety tips. It is just like driving a car wherein you go to driving school first before you get your license and start driving on your own.

Choosing your first drone out of a thousand choices from a hundred stores can be both overwhelming and exciting. So you better check your emotions first and do not give in to impulsive buying even before you do your homework. Because when you do, you’d get the value for your money and a new fantastic point of view.


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