How to Access Crunchyroll’s Entire Library Using a VPN 

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Whether a self-described weeaboo or a novice anime aficionado, you must have a keen desire  to stream Crunchyroll. Sadly, the premiere anime streaming service on the internet includes major geo-blocking restrictions.  US citizens can see basically everything the platform can offer anime, simulcasts, drama- the works. But those outside the state aren’t that lucky. Turns out, Crunchyroll is a lot like Netflix when it comes to restricting access to paying customers worldwide. Similar to streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix, Crunchyroll’s discrimination can be easily overawed by using a VPN.

Continue reading to find out how to access  Crunchyroll using a VPN – and how to surmount Crunchyroll’s animosity for virtual private networks.

How can a VPN help me access Crunchyroll restricted content? 

Streaming platforms like Crunchyroll wish to extend their reach into more countries. Unfortunately, the complicated web of geographic license policies often gets in the way. That’s why an Italian weeb with an appetite for Japan’s finest works would gain access to several hundred fewer movies and tv shows than his counterpart in the U.S. But that’s not that surprising – Netflix and other popular streaming platforms operate in the exact same way. 

So what’s standing between your Nezuko Kamado waifu-pillow, and a weekend of Black Cover binge-watching? 

Geo-blocks. As we’ve previously mentioned, geographic restrictions are what your major streaming services like Netflix and Crunchyroll included. Once the platform detects that you’re connecting from a different state, it provides you only a small library that you’re allowed to binge. 

But everything will change as if you’re using Crunchyroll with a VPN. You see, a VPN changes your I.P. address as it connects to a website from its server. If the server you choose is located in the U.S., the streaming service will see a U.S. I.P. – making it possible for customers located in other countries to get in the anime town. The funny thing is that Crunchyroll is headquartered in the U.S. which makes it impossible even for Japan customer to access some of the content – unless they use a VPN for Japan to connect to an American server. 

To access a complete Crunchyroll library with a VPN, you must: 

  1. Get yourself a reliable VPN provider: Free VPNs may look tempting, but paid ones are actually better, especially when it comes to security, service, and the number of servers as well as unblocked I.P.s. 
  2. Connect to an American server – U.S. citizens get the full Crunchyroll library– and you bought the VPN to do just that. 
  3. Access Crunchyroll – most likely, you know how to do that. 
  4. Binge the anime you want. Here’s where you should enjoy the full benefits of a Crunchyroll VPN. 

Watching your favorite anime using a reliable VPN provider helps you pretend you’re in Japan – but online. On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog. But with a virtual private network, nobody will know that you’re not in Japan either. Wherever you are, anime is in your heart as well – and you can unblock your favorite show no matter your location. 


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