How to Maximize Space in Small Homes with Design Hacks 

If you’re living in a small apartment or house, it can easily feel cramped and look cluttered. However, you can transform your home into a cozy and relaxing place without breaking the bank. Instead of building an extension or moving into a bigger property, incorporate nifty storage solutions and compact fixtures into your accommodation. 

To ensure you’re optimizing every inch of your home, read on for design ideas that maximize and create the illusion of space.

Combined appliances 

Rather than buying separate fixtures for every utility, look for options that merge two together, such as a combined washer-dryer unit. 

Having a small bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose between a bath and a shower. You can enjoy both by fitting a compact freestanding bath with a shower over the top. 

Investing in a combi-boiler, that combines central heating and hot water, eliminates the need for hot water cylinders too, which can take up a lot of space. You can seamlessly conceal this type of boiler as it’s much smaller than a conventional boiler. 

To receive advice on the most suitable combi-boiler for your property, use the BOXT ‘find a boiler’ tool, which will ask you a few simple questions about your home. 

 Inventive storage solutions 

 Without sufficient room for your belongings, a mess can quickly accumulate. So that you aren’t forced to clear-out your items, look for creative storage solutions.

If you don’t have any empty cabinets, utilize your bare walls by fitting shelves, hooks, or wall-mounted hangings. You could even get built-in storage customized to the space if you have the budget. 

On top of this, install rails and hooks on internal doors to hang items such as coats, dressing gowns, and handbags. Place shelves on the inside of cupboard doors too for extra storage space.  

The area underneath a staircase is often left empty, but you could renovate it into a cupboard, add draws, or fit shelves. 

Multi-purpose furniture

If you live in a studio apartment, or simply don’t have the space to occupy several furniture items, opt for pieces that have numerous functions. 

Needing an at-home workspace has become common since the rise of remote working, but not many people have a room available for this purpose. However, convertible tables with an adjustable height can act as a coffee table and desk. Alternatively, use a wall-mounted floating desk which you can fold away when it’s not in use. 

Sofa beds are a great way to turn your living room into a guest bedroom if required, rather than having a spare bed that takes up a lot of space. You can also choose seating and sleeping furniture with hidden storage spaces, such as ottoman beds and storage benches.  

Make your home look bigger 

As well as utilizing the space available, you can create an illusion of extra space with a few simple design tricks, such as:

  • hanging mirrors to reflect light
  • displaying statement art to add a focal point
  • decorating with neutral colors
  • enhancing daylight with light curtains


Implementing these tips will ensure your home functions efficiently and appears spacious without undergoing a renovation.



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