Choosing Cold Brew Coffee Beans Over Regular Coffee Beans

Cold-brew coffee beans seem to be the hardest things to come by, but you do not need to stress over this too much as regular coffee beans are said to work just as well for cold brew coffee. However, there are specific types of cold brew coffee beans available on the market, and many claim that they taste much smoother compared to regular coffee beans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Regular Coffee Beans Instead of Cold Brew Coffee Beans?

Cold-brew coffee can be made with any coffee bean. If you steep the coffee bean in cold water instead of hot water, the taste of the coffee is less strong. However, there are many cold brew coffee grounds that provide a sweeter and more caffeinated beverage, some of which include:

  • Lifeboost organic light roast beans
  • Tiny footprint coffee organic cold press elixir
  • Stone street coffee cold brew reserve Colombian supremo coffee
  • Peet’s baridi blend

Is Cold Brew Coffee Different in Acidity Compared to Hot Brew?

Hot brewed coffee is known to have a higher acidity, which can be an issue for those who have a digestive issue or for people who suffer from heartburn. Since the water used for hot brew coffee is hot, it releases more chlorogenic acid, which makes coffee more bitter, especially if darker roasts are used.

If you leave your coffee grounds in water for a longer period of time, there is a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid being released. In both cold brew and hot brew coffee, chlorogenic acid is present, but in the hot brew, the level of chlorogenic acid is higher.

The cool temperature of cold brew coffee allows for less chlorogenic acid to be released, and it also stops the coffee beans from releasing bitter tannins, which are known to increase the bitterness of your coffee.

According to some research, there is a lower value of titratable acidity in cold brew coffee as compared to hot brew coffee.

Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste Better Than Hot Brew?

Hot brew coffee is the traditional coffee that people are most familiar with. It has a rich aroma and gives you a warming sensation when you wake up early in the morning. But, as time passes soon, the flavors start to disappear.

However, with cold brew coffee, there is a mild sweetness that helps remove the bitterness of the coffee beans and adds to the flavor of the concentration. The acid remnants are also much crisper when compared to hot brew coffee.

Many people use the cold brew coffee technique with black coffee, as the bitterness reduces and the crispness of the coffee increase. This allows for the flavor to be smoother and richer in taste.


As time progresses, more and more ways of creating the best coffee emerge. Some people still seem to stick to traditional hot coffee, while many others have started to switch to cold brew coffee since many have now become more enthusiastic about the environment.


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