How to Pick The Best Awning For Your Apartment?

Along with improving outdoor home spaces, awnings are making your outdoor spaces more livable. Its specs, like shade provision, make it suitable to be used in outdoor dinners and recreational events. Awnings not only provide protection to your window frame but also to outdoor furniture. 

Just like business awnings installed in cafes and restaurants for outdoor dining, you can also enjoy outdoor parties by installing home awnings. What else can be a more delightful sensation than having a coffee cup with your family on a rainy day under the amazing domestic awnings ( without getting wet? 

As you have decided to install outdoor awnings in your home, so how will you evaluate which awning is best for your apartment? The following are some important factors you should consider while selecting outdoor awnings. 


A number of awnings are available in various materials. Different outdoor awnings give a different look to your outdoor space, and obviously, there are different maintenance charges for every material. The most reliable and durable window blinds are made up of either fabric or aluminum. 

You can customize fabric outdoor awning depending upon the design and color of your choice. On the other hand, you cannot customize your design in aluminum blinds, but these are sturdy and long-lasting. 


Some people only look for quality and durability. No doubt you can avail of all the benefits with a simple awning. But having stylish, artistic, elegant awnings will complement the exterior decor of your house. Depending upon the size and outdoor space of your apartment, you can choose stationary, fixed, or retractable awning. 

These outdoor awnings come in various designs ranging from traditional open or close sides, waterfall, dome-style, and quarter barrel. You can choose any one of these styles. But it’s better to ask any professional which style will be the best addition to your home exterior. 


While selecting the color of your awning, you should consider the climate of your area. If you are residing in a warm environment, go for light-colored window blinds. As light colors reflect and block heat, so your home interior will remain cool. 

In a cold area apartment, we suggest going with dark-colored awnings to keep your home cozy and warm. The selection of color will be definitely yours but never forget to complement it with both indoor and outdoor spaces for creating a flow in the décor of your home. 

Size and Angle

Never select an awning before measuring the overall dimensions of your window. Along with windows measurement, you should also consider the area of outdoor space. The smaller awning will give an embellishing exterior look to your home. On the other hand, bigger ones will provide you with more shade and coverage. 

Have you ever considered an angle while choosing an awning? If not, it’s the most common mistake people often make. Well! Angle imparts a significant role in giving a classy look to your home. We suggest a 60-75% drop size for domestic awnings facing the east or west direction. And in other directions, you should keep a drop size minimum like 45-60%. 


Enjoy unlimited benefits with outdoor space coverage and shade by choosing awnings in the mentioned features for your apartment. 



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