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How to choose a silk comforter-

Silk comforter is luxurious types of comforter ever made by the manufacturer of different types of the comforter. You will get comfortable night sleep with this comforter. Do you know what the considerable issues to choose a silk comforter are? So, keep reading to learn in details about how to choose a silk comforter.

Step-01    Choose the types of silk:

There are different types of silk available in the market. These are Charmeuse silk, Mulberry silk, Tussah silk, Habotai silk, Dupioni silk. Read more details about best types of silk comforters at pillowbedding.com .  However, Among these types of silk, Mulberry silk are the most common types of silk used to manufacture the best silk comforters in the world Mulberry silk is soft silk and it is lightweight as well.

Step-02   Sizes of the silk comforter:

Sizes are also available for the different types of silk comforter. You can go for Full/Queen or King/ Cal-king sizes of silk comforter. Twin size and Crib size silk comforter are also found in the market. You have to choose the

Silk comforter based on the size of your bed and the users of silk comforter. Additionally, The price of the silk comforter will increase according to the size of the silk comforter. Small size like Twin, Crib requires less budget while king size comforter requires the high budget to purchase.

Step-03   Choose the color of the silk

Normally, you will get white colored silk in the market. But some types of silk are ivory in color. Try to match the color for your silk comforter with your other types of bedding in your home.

Step-04   Filling materials

Silk comforter is generally filled with the natural silk-like Charmeuse silk, Mulberry silk, natural long-strand mulberry silk, Taihu Snow Silk, 100% mulberry silk, etc. The outer casing of the silk comforter is made by 100% cotton. Sometimes 100% sateen cotton shell is used for the outer casing of silk comforter. So, you should go for mulberry silk with 100% sateen cotton casing silk comforter.

Step-05 Consider the Weight

Normally, silk comforter is lighter than other types comforter likes down or alternative down comforter. You will not feel weighty with this comforter. Additionally, it is not a bulky comforter. You will need not to give enough effort to fold this comforter at the time of making your bed.

Step-06 Check for cleaning instruction

Before buying this comforter you have to check the washing instruction of this comforter. Some silk comforter is machine washed; some silk comforter is dry washed. So be careful before buying this comforter. If you are not feeling good with dry wash, you can go for machine washed silk comforter.

Step-07 Ask for Warranty and Guaranty information

Ask the seller about Warranty and Guaranty information of this product. Some silk comforter’s manufacturer such as LilySilk All Season Luxury Silk Comforter manufacturer provides you 45 days money back guaranty and 24 hours customer services. Other manufacturers will provide you different types of Warranty and Guaranty benefits.



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