Charming Venue Ideas For Your Small Wedding

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Getting married is a huge commitment, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a huge hassle. Not everyone wants a huge, glamorous wedding — it might just not be your style, or you might not be able to fit it in your budget. If you are looking to focus more on the meaning of the marriage and less on the pomp and party, a smaller wedding may work better for you.

Your budget will ultimately be a big determining factor about the size of your wedding, so if you are looking to save some money it is better to keep your guest list to a minimum. You will want your venue to compliment the size of your party. It can be awkward and a waste of wedding funds to rent a huge convention hall when your wedding will only have 20 guests.

Second marriages are often smaller affairs than the first time around. A gathering of close family and friends is often a lovely way to begin your marriage journey again. Choose your wedding venue to compliment your style. Have a getaway wedding on a tropical island or enjoy a wedding feast under the stars at a local winery.

Whatever your taste you can find the perfect place to celebrate your special day at these unique venues for smaller weddings.

Backyard Nuptials

If your family home has a lovely property with enough room, you might want to get married right in your own backyard. Or maybe a family member or friend has a large enough yard that can host you on their property. Backyard weddings can be anything from formal to casual, it’s up to you. When you plan a smaller wedding you want your setting to be comfortable and intimate. Make it easier on yourself by choosing to have your big day right at home

Bed & Breakfast / Country Inn

There are few places more charming than a rustic and homey bed and breakfast. Choose a country inn and have an afternoon wedding with an outdoor meal and dance floor to make your wedding dreams come true. Choose a theme or colors that are complimented with the nature and scenery around it. You and your guests can stay right where you are for the night with in house accommodations.

Museums & Art Galleries

Put a little bit of style into your special day. It’s easy to rent a hall or viewing area in your local museum or art gallery. Onsite catering can help you give your guests a great meal surrounded by their favorite artists works. Make sure you look ahead to the museum or gallery’s exhibit schedule so you can try timing your wedding with what you’d most like to see.


Take your wedding party away for a magical day in the lush surroundings of a local winery. Not only will your wedding dinner be paired with the very best vintages, but you and your guests can enjoy the quaint and stunning surroundings of these rural settings. Accommodations can be made for most sized parties including all facilities and catering.


There is nothing more romantic and sweet than a beach wedding. Show your love to each other in front of the crashing of the ocean’s waves. Take your wedding plans down a few notches to casual and enjoy the celebration without worrying about a bunch of formal details. Find a place that you already know and love or escape to a foreign destination on an island for your wedding.


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