Bring Your Car Back To Life With These Top Tips.

Cars wear and tear, they all do, it’s simply what happens when we drive them. Sometimes, we let them get a little too worn without giving them the proper amount of care that they need. Keeping your car safe is one thing, but being able to bring them back to full operational capacity is another. However, there are various things you can do which can make your car feel better and more responsive.

Change The Spark Plugs

If you’ve never done this then changing the spark plugs can really make a positive difference to your car’s performance. They provide the spark that ignited the oxygen and fuel mix which powers the engines pistons. Faulty spark plugs mean it can take way longer to start your car, especially when it is cold and they can also make your car run at a degraded rate, meaning misfires, a bumpy ride and the engine not performing as it should. There will be a higher rate of fuel consumption and if you listen to the engine you may be able to tell it isn’t sounding too smooth. The changing of spark plugs is fairly easy, yet all cars differ. If you are unsure then consider taking it to an Auto Repair center, they can do the job for you. You’ll notice the difference straight away, your car will have more power, use less fuel and sound much better.



Replace The Battery

The battery is what powers all of your car’s electrical components. A slow or drained battery can give your car trouble starting, and cause issues with electrics such as lights not appearing so bright and faulty dashboard electronics. There is also a danger your car’s power steering and window controls will fail, leaving you in a sticky situation. The major problem is more of the inconvenience of having to repeatedly jump start your car before using it. You can tell if your battery is old by having a look at it. It could be leaking or punctured, the wires attached to it could also need replacing. You can get batteries at a fairly cheap price, but always go for quality if you don’t want to have to replace it for another few years. You can also get yourself custom number plates at show plates express to make it even better!



Change The Fuel Filters

The fuel filter has the important job of catching any contaminants in your fuel, stopping further damage to the engine. But over time the filter will clog up with dirt, making it harder for the fuel to get through and stopping the engine burn it consistently. It can affect your sense of power, fuel economy and most importantly protects your inner fuel components from being saturated with bad bits. You can make them last longer by filling your car with good premium gas, otherwise they’ll likely need changing every 40,000 miles or so. It is possible to replace them yourself, but it can be quite tricky and certain vehicles use more than one filter so taking your vehicle to an approved garage is a safer bet.


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