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Color Your House Green And Help The Environment.

More people are thinking forward in terms of climate change and our environment than ever before and you can reduce your carbon footprint and help dear old mother Earth in a multitude of ways. You can change household items, make energy decisions and even change your heating systems to support a greener, better Earth. These can be small changes to full scale structural modifications, so pick one that’s within your means and go for it. Never before have we needed to reduce our emissions so drastically.

Plant, Plant and Plant

Plants, as you know, suck up the bad elements of our air that we hate. We need plants just as much as they need us and with certain forests being hacked down at the rate they are we need all the plants we can to cleanse our atmosphere. They come with the added bonus of making your house look great too. You can use both internal and external plants. The internal will help your muggy air feel fresher and cooler, and your garden plants can make bring your garden to life through a myriad of differing colors. You can even plant a mini herb garden close to your kitchen. You can use the leaves as ingredients in your cooking. The greener the better, the more plants, the fresher the air in and around your home.



Use Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating is essentially using the warmth beneath the ground to heat up your home. It is a completely sustainable and natural way of using energy and burns no fossil fuels. The system uses piping throughout your garden, or, if you have a small garden then vertical piping directly drilled into the ground. You can find out everything you need to know about geothermal heating by reading this handy geothermal heating infographic. Not only is it friendly, but it can save you money on your heating bills too.



Go Solar

Solar panels have been appearing far more frequently on homes over the past few years. The reason being the technology is far more advanced than it once was. The panels are affixed to your roof and then draw in sunlight and convert it into electricity to power your home. Doing this will save an estimated two tons of carbon per year. Your electricity bills will be reduced to, because of course sunlight is free. Also, if you begin to generate more energy than you actually need you can sell it to the national grid, so you can make money as well as save money.



Use The Wind

Home based wind turbines either attached to your property or a pole can also generate enough electricity to keep your house running. They are especially effective in areas of bad weather and high wind, and just like solar panels you can sell excess electricity to the national grid. Certain components will need replacing after a certain amount of time, but they still offer a great investment and can cut your carbon footprint. Many people worry the wind turbine will make their house not look attractive, but they are much smaller than most people think.




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