We Bet You Believe These Beauty Myths!

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We’re not afraid to admit that we desperately want to look stunning every day of our lives. We want to head out on the street and for people to stop and stare and we bet you do too. This can make you obsessed with beauty tricks and techniques. At that point, you might start to believe some of the most common beauty myths. Have you fallen victim to these alternative facts?

No Sunscreen Needed On A Cloudy Day

We’re afraid this one isn’t true at all. You might love getting your skin nice and tanned but if it’s cloudy you could still need suntan lotion. In fact some experts claim you should be using suntan lotion whenever you go out for extended periods. Of course, very few people actually do.

Weird Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Whatever weird and wonderful way to get rid of acne you’ve heard of, we promise it isn’t true. Firstly, if you actually have acne rather than a few spots it’s a medical condition so you need medical treatment to get rid of it. Secondly, if you do suffer from spot outbreaks the best way to treat it is by changing your diet and drinking more water. Do this and your skin will clear up.

Dying Is Damaging

We’ve all been told this one. Don’t dye your hair too often because eventually you’ll kill your cuticles and start to suffer hair loss. There is absolutely no evidence that this is the case. Dying your hair might change the natural color and it might even weaken your hair. But it definitely won’t cause you to go bald. So, you should forget that one right now and check out the infographic for more hair beauty myths.

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