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What would be the best time to buy a snow blower, December? Wrong!

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Most of us are impulse buyers, can’t plan or think far ahead especially when it’s about the weather. The most popular mistake we make when it comes to winter is, when the first snow falls in the first days of December, we all rush to the local gardening or department store to get that must have blower.

Problem is, it has just snowed and may still snow for days heavily. Everyone is impatient and wants to get the job done and head home. Queues are likely and it may be even impossible to get to the store due to road conditions. What then? Well, think of a better time to get your snow blower.


Strange, isn’t it? Funny enough, but summer might just be the best season to buy a snow blower, or as a matter of fact, any winter related tool. It would certainly look odd when the blower gets delivered to your house, but who cares, when you can get the best possible deals around this time of the year?

Manufacturers come out with their new winter models early, this puts the prices of cheaper and older models under even greater pressure.

A disadvantage of shopping for these tools in the summer is that local retailers are still pushing mowers and weed wackers, while snow blowers might just be hiding in the back of the store, if they are even on display. But not to worry, online stores sell these all year around and you can still shop in comfort.

End of summer and early fall is recommended by Consumer Reports, although we encourage everyone to be quick and find the best deals by the end of August.


End of winter and spring could be the second best option to get your hands on a discounted snow blower, as retailers want to get rid of the stock and replace their stores with springy and summery stuff, like lawn mowers. They are desperate to sell out the tools from winter and you can find deep prices and may still choose from a reasonable selection.

Fall and Winter

Not a good idea. Most people will look for snow blowers when it’s already snowing, or the weather forecasts announce incoming blizzards. Retailers know this and prices go up along with the high demand. In certain situations, you might end up with out of stock models or a waiting list of a few weeks for your order.

Older models have been sold out during the spring and summer sales, so you can only find the new models and they tend to be pricier.

Other unfortunate fact is that new snow blower models don’t have reviews, and they might have bad design or inferior quality compared to a previous model, we never know. But once they get tested and a high number of customers are happy, then it is worth buying.

To conclude, be smart and think about winter hardships in advance, get prepared and




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One thought on “What would be the best time to buy a snow blower, December? Wrong!

  • I’ve been thinking about getting a snow blower for a while and this year I read we are going to get a lot of snow. It’s the beginning of Sept…I know I’ve missed the August window. …maybe I will get lucky. Glad I read this, it might just save me some money. Thanks.


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