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Best Car Features for Entrepreneurs

When you’re an entrepreneur, you often fit the role of many different people within a larger organization. Sometimes you’re the CEO, and sometimes you’re the delivery person. Regardless of what hat you’re wearing on any given day, the fact remains the same: you need the right transportation to get the job done.

For many, a vehicle is simply a method for getting from one place to another. Others stay up-to-date on DrivingGuide.com and treat their car like a member of the family. If you want to lead your best life as an entrepreneur, look for a vehicle with these features to make your job easier.


Liftgate Technology

Imagine trying to load up your trunk with a customer’s order or for a trade show without having to juggle your goods around. Consider not having to worry about opening and closing your trunk repeatedly while juggling things around if you’re in a busy city where things tend to go missing from open vehicles.

Vehicles with lift gate technology allow you to open your trunk by waving your foot under a sensor, making the process entirely hands-free. As long as your key fob is in your pocket, you can pop your trunk while holding an armload of goods. If someone tries to do it without the key fob, the trunk remains locked. This feature, which is becoming more prevalent in standard vehicles, is the epitome of convenience for hustlers on the go.

Bluetooth Integration

The days of USB cables are quickly being left in the dust, as more and more vehicles are opting for Bluetooth integration capabilities as a standard feature. This feature keeps you safely looking at the road with both hands on the wheel, even while talking to someone on the phone.

While you should avoid making important phone calls while driving, sometimes an important client catches you at an inconvenient time, or you need to tell someone you’ll be late for a meeting. Bluetooth integration also makes it easy to play your favorite playlists or project your phone’s GPS to your vehicle’s speaker system.

Smart Screen

In conjunction with Bluetooth integration, a smart screen can tell you who is calling or present information at eye-level. It can also broadcast who is sending incoming texts and read them as you see fit. While you should never respond to a text while driving, this feature can act as a notification system to let you know to call someone if necessary– consider it the modern pager.

From a purely fun perspective, some smart screens can be programmed to let you know when one of your favorite artists or bands is playing on a different channel, allowing you to switch by clicking the pop-up notification. If you’re someone who gets excited for the day ahead with your favorite tunes, this is the perfect feature for you.

Wireless Charging

While it’s rare for Apple to be behind the curve on anything, they’re finally starting to catch up to the wireless charging trend. As such, newer model vehicles are starting to incorporate wireless charging pads. To use these, you set your phone on the pad, ensure nothing else is present, and look for the charging icon.

This is perfect for when you’re racing between meetings and events and don’t think to plug in your USB charger. It also eliminates those frustrating moments when your charging cord gets pinched somehow and doesn’t read your phone. Wireless charging integrations make staying at full power all day long as effortless as it was when you owned a Nokia phone.

As long as you have a reliable vehicle, the type of car you drive won’t make or break your business. It can, however, make the work day a lot more convenient and fun, which is the holy grail of the aspiring entrepreneur.






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