Best Adventures to Expect in Dubai Desert Safari Tours

In layman’s thinking, desert life is unpleasant, hot, creepy animals and not human conducive. However, Dubai describes it differently, fun, attractive, friendly, and a tourist hub. The Desert nature is a money-making and enjoyment feature for the United Arab Emirates. Actually, Dubai sees it as seizing the opportunity to transform natural features to their favor.

Desert Safari tours in Dubai are huge tourist attraction activity. Thousands of visitors travel far and wide to experience the thrilling fun that comes with riding across the vast deserts. Dubai’s tourist sector is well organized, with incredible hotels to host streaming tourists. There are various tourist service providers to help guide visitors to different attractions. The service is exquisite, fun, and pocket-friendly. 

Ideal activities to expect at the Desert Safari in Dubai 

Visiting Dubai comes with multiple returns and future memories. Whether business tour or vacation, The Emirates will never disappoint. Visitors can expect more than they pay for from excellent city life, beautiful skyscraper, tall towers, ultramodern buildings, incredible deserts, and landscapes.

Tourists will enjoy multiple activities such as camel riding, quad biking, rush sandboarding, desert dunes, and belly dancing. One can opt for morning or evening desert safari tours for sightseeing.

  • A luxury drive in 4×4 vehicle

Desert safaris start with a luxurious drive with a magnificent and robust 4×4 vehicle. The cars are designed for desert driving activities. The journey to the sandy desert outside the city gives a beautiful sight of the Dubai landscape. Based on your guide, you can visit different areas and learn about topography.

  • Sand Dune Bashing

For starters, hold on tight as the experience is thrilling rough, and enjoyable. The activity requires a strong 4×4 car that will bash the dunes. You can listen to sweet Arabic songs along the journey to brighten the moment.

The driver will navigate the dunes, balancing the vehicle at incredible speed. Once you arrive at destine area, it’s time to relax and enjoy the site. The ride can be bumpy is wise to prepare for anything like motion sickness.

  • Camel rides 

From rough rides to animal back rides, camels are the best, friendly animals suited for desert life. The camel will help you visit different areas in a slow walk. Besides the ride, you learn about the camel’s lifestyle and type of camel.

  • Desert Campsite and sand buggy

Time to settle down and enjoy the environment at the campsite. Here visitors can do sand boarding, race with friends on the sandy landscape, quad biking, and later make their favorite meals at the campfire. This will help you experience the hot and cold weather during the day and night.

  • Desert skiing

Skiing is an enthusiastic activity; it is fun and helps unleash emotions. The activity involves skiing or sliding down on the desert dunes. The skiing or sandboarding activity requires light clothes and is best done in the evening.

  • Quad biking

Quad bikes are a mandatory facility for desert safari tours. The ATVs are comfortable and allow users to ride across sandy deserts. It’s fun riding on the rough terrains and seeing the best of the desert, like low plateaus and dunes. Quad biking is best for friends or families; visitors can ride in groups to keep the fun going.

  • Air balloon rides

From earth-based activities to sky views and amazing rides, the hot air balloon offers an exclusive experience. The ride gives a clear picture of the desert landscape, the dunes, mountains like Hajar, different color shades as the day goes by, and the city view. The experience is peaceful, fun, and memorable. It’s best, especially for couples, honeymoon, and marriage proposal moments.

  • Tanoura Dance and Belly dance

To relax from the long day’s activities, it’s time to have delicious dinners and watch a Tanoura and belly dance from qualified dancers. It’s the best time to get a henna drawing and sleep under the beautiful sky.


You can never exhaust the desert safari tour adventures; there are multiple activities to decorate your Dubai trip.


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