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A Bed Fit For A King…Or Queen.

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 We all know the benefits of a good night sleep. Facts aside, tiredness is an experience that speaks for itself. We perform worse in every way when we don’t get the rest we need. Our brain function slows, and we’re more susceptible to illness. If you’re not convinced, a little research could take you a long way in understanding why sleep is important plus statistics states effects of sleep deprivation in America is at a all time high. But, knowing the facts doesn’t make getting to sleep easier. Sometimes, sleep just doesn’t come. We can spend hours turning our bedrooms into relaxing havens, but that’s not enough. To get the sleep you need, you should focus on the place you do the actual sleeping. Yes, you may be in your bedroom, but you sleep in bed, right? Getting all aspects of your bed right will ensure sleep isn’t far from you! Here are some of the things you should consider.

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Your bed related decisions start the moment you buy your bed frame. When looking for the perfect frame, it’s important you pick a size that works for you. If the bed is for you alone, a queen or double should give you enough space to spread out. If you can make do with a queen size bed, do. The bedding is cheaper! If you share the bed with your partner, you may need a double or even a king. You should know each other’s sleeping habits enough to know which size is necessary. If you both like to spread out in the night, a larger size is always going to be better. Test the beds, and take a tape measure to ensure you have enough space.

As most people buy a mattress at the same time as the bed frame, think about the perfect mattress, too. Again, it’s worth testing the options to make a choice. You can choose from hard or soft. You could even opt for a mattress that molds itself to the shape of your body. Remember that it’s important you get this choice right. If you pick the wrong mattress, nothing can save your sleep!


Once you’ve got the bed and mattress you want, it’s time to stock up on your bed linens. Second to the mattress, these are the most important factor to sleeping right. They will assist in your comfort and ensure your temperature stays where it should as you sleep. Never underestimate the importance of the right sleeping temperature. Being too cold is sure to wake you. It’ll also because you discomfort when you wake up. Who can feel fresh in the morning when they’re cold? On the other end of things, you don’t want to overheat when you sleep. Again, this will wake you during the night. At least when you’re cold, you can put a jumper on. Once you get hot at night, it can be tough to cool down again.

When shopping for the right duvet, it’s worth buying two. A thin duvet and a thick duvet will ensure you have an option for summer and winter. This step may seem unnecessary, but it’s one you’ll be glad you took.

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The considerations don’t stop there, either. It’s also important that you find some pillows to suit. To get the perfect pillow set up, you may need to do a little experimentation. First, consider whether you’re more comfortable sleeping with one pillow or two. Try out both to see which suits you best. You may think you already know, but the results could surprise you. Once you’ve decided, stock up on some pillows. Don’t cut costs here. Cheap pillows are a false economy because they lose their shape quickly. A good quality set of pillows will last you a lot longer.

When shopping, think about what material pillows you would like. The results differ significantly so this is a choice you want to get right. If you have a pillow that works for you, take efforts to find out what type that is and buy others like it. Take your choice from foam pillows to a Canadian goose down pillow. Much like you did with your bed frame and mattress, it’s important to feel the pillows before you buy. You could even purchase a variety if you and your partner like different things!

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Okay, so these may not help you sleep. Even so, there’s nothing quite like the experience of a bed with new sheets. Stock up on a variety of duvet covers and at least three sheets. That way, you can keep your bed clean. The more often you wash your bedding, the better you’ll feel when you get into bed at night! Not to mention that they’ll make the bed look fantastic. Choose from many wonderful designs to match with the style of your room. A bed isn’t just for sleeping in, right?

Besides, duvet covers and sheets may impact your sleep more than you think. Many materials are used, and some will suit you better than others. Remember what we said before about controlling your temperature as you sleep? Your bed linen could have an impact there as well. Heavier materials will keep you hot and can be perfect for cold nights. During the summer, you’ll want lighter materials that allow your skin to breathe through the night. Think, too, about whether you want a top sheet or not. Some people swear by them, but they can cause you to feel claustrophobic. Again, they’re a sure way to overheat!


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It’s a common mistake to think that a duvet is all you need to keep yourself warm enough. Even the thickest duvet can struggle to heat you during the coldest nights. That’s why it’s important to stock up on plenty of extra blankets. That way, you can chuck one of those over your duvet to keep warm. The added blanket will act as a heat seal that is sure to keep you toasty. Not to mention that extra blankets can be a fantastic design feature. Lay them on the bed, or fold them down, so they’re only covering the end. Again, think about the design of your room when you’re making your choices. If you wanted to make a blanket that really suits the place, get handy with the knitting needles and make your own.

If you don’t like the idea of having a blanket on top of you overnight, you could leave it on only when you first get into bed. Nobody likes getting into cold sheets, right? The addition of the blanket will help you get hot faster. Then, you can take it off, or roll it back to the bottom to keep your feet warm!


If you’ve taken all these steps and are still not getting the sleep you need, turn your attention to other problems. Small things, like noise disruption or bright lights, have a larger impact on sleep than we realize. If you live in an area with streetlights, buy some blackout blinds to ensure the light doesn’t disturb you. These are also fantastic for stopping the morning light from waking you. If noise is the problem, you may have to consider moving to a different room in the house. It may seem like a lot of hassle, but peace is important in staying asleep. If your room is right next to a road, you may need to move to the back of the house. It’ll be worth the effort in the end!




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  • To get a great fit for the bed, it is necessary to know the size and measurement of the bed for proper length and width. Great post!

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