Beautiful Christmas Flowers from Florist With Flowers, Flowers to accent any home!

If anyone were to ask me what is my favorite season? I’ll go on record to say Christmas! You see we get to cook awesome meals, be with family, decorate, play games and much more. All my precious heirloom decorations and outdoor items are bought up from the basement to be sorted out.

Even my fake flowers, but trust me when I say there’s nothing like having fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers for the holidays. Now you and I can shop for Christmas Flowers from Florist With Flowers this holiday season!

floristflowerslogoFlorist With Flowers offers such an array of beautiful Christmas Flowers arrangements that will accent any area of your home. Let me share a few with you that I selected.

First, we have the Jolly Christmas Tea Cup.

teacup1I love this flower arrangement and you know what, it will be a great accent to your kitchen table with it’s ceramic tea cup!  This delicate posy in a tea cup is made up of Disbud Chrysanthemums and mini Roses. They price is not bad either with a retail value of $75 dollars.

I also saw this flower arrangement from Florist With Flowers! This one I really adore, I love all the festive colors and the unique way they arranged the flowers and candle. It’s called : Festive Cheer Christmas Wreath.

u3xaplgb9gI can see this one right in the center of my dinning room table. I’m sure everyone will be talking about how beautiful this Festive Cheer Christmas Wreath is!

It’s the classic Christmas wreath and candle will be ideal to decorate your table this Christmas. Made up of glorious red and white blooms, this display of gorgeous flowers will add some color and festive cheer to any home. Candle will be delivered separately in a lovely gift bag. Retails for $75 too.

Well, there you have it, two of my favorite Christmas Flower arrangements from Florist With Flowers . I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to see what else they have, I may order and send a few arrangements to my love ones this Holiday!


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