How to Beat Speeding Tickets with Radar Detectors

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Tens of millions of speeding tickets are issued every year in the US. That is another way of saying that your odds of receiving one of these annoying citations are alarmingly high. The jaw-dropping statistics are made grimmer by the fact that over a quarter of these tickets are completely undeserved by their recipients. And many of these people do not challenge the citations in court. In fact, why would they? Only less than 0.05% of those who make the attempt actually succeed in getting their tickets dismissed.
This means that even if you painstakingly ensure that you adhere to every speed limit on the road, you are not guaranteed of escaping the speeding ticket nightmare. A more robust weapon, in form of a radar detector, is needed to win this unfair battle against the cops. So, how can you beat speeding tickets with a radar detector?

Know What you are Up Against
First of all, it is important to know what you are dealing with. Police officers use radar technology to tell if you are traveling too fast. Having a radar detector can help you know when you are approaching one of these devices. This way, you can slow down so that the radar can clear you of any speeding violations when you get within its effective operation range.

The problem is that police officers know that people are using detectors to avoid getting ticketed for speeding. They have resorted to using radars that are harder to detect. In fact, if you have the wrong radar detector, you will not see the speed trap at all and you will drive right into a citation. So, not all radar detectors can get the job done. You have to ensure that you own one of the best radar detectors on the market to give yourself a fighting chance.

Get a Modern Detector
Older radar detectors are typically not up to the task of identifying the presence of modern-day police radars. So, even as you get a radar detector, make sure you get the latest models. Such devices have the modern detection features that can help you have a better chance of identifying speed traps before you run into them.

Beware of the Difference between Constant-On and Instant-On Radars
Police radars are usually easy to detect because they use the constant-on (CO) mode. That means they are activated at all times, which makes them easy to identify from afar with your detector. However, the cops also use instant-on radars, which are activated when you approach the speed trap. Even if your detector picks up the signal, it is usually too late for you. The good news is that most police have a preference for constant-on radar detectors since these nab more drivers.

Still, the instant-on radar detector is not without its match. With a good quality radar detector that offers a high level of sensitivity, such detectors can identify speed traps even when police radars are turned on momentarily. However, when the police decide to use these kind of radars, know that being able to identify them in time is pretty much a hit and miss.

Consider Pairing the Detector with a Radar Scrambler
A radar scrambler is also a good way to defend yourself against the police and their superior detection technology when using a radar detector. These gadgets can give you time to slow down and ensure that your speed is safely below the required legal limits before the cop can pick up a useful speed estimate. However, this technology requires a really good radar detector. The detector should identify the cop’s radar and the scrambler should be used to momentarily scramble the police radar’s signal while you slow down to avoid getting ticketed for speeding.

Mount it Properly
A good radar detector will not do its best work unless when mounted properly. Therefore, when you find a good detector, make sure to install it properly to ensure better signal detection. The correct place to use it is on the windshield, below the rear view mirror. This position offers two major benefits. To begin with, the police cannot see it properly; and neither can thieves. Additionally, this position ensures that the detector delivers better performance under all usage situations since its view of the road will be uninhibited.

Final Thoughts
A good detector should generally have state-of-the-art technology. It does not have to cost a fortune either, but a cheap detector will typically give lots of false signals and fail to detect some of the speed traps on the road. And sometimes, extremely expensive detectors come with so many features that they fail to offer good quality radar detection. So, as you shop for these devices, consider how good of a radar detection job they can do, price alone is not the only factor worth considering.


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