Barbie & Crayola Partnership let the fun begin! @Crayola @Barbie

Yessss, it’s true both companies Barbie & Crayola have joined together to bring excitement to a new fashion activity line that incorporates Crayola’s ultra-clean technologies to create crafting play with color-in fashions, tie-dye designs, stamps, and confetti.

When the Crayola box arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging design label that had both Barbie & Crayola name listed on top. Once we opened the box, we saw a pile of awesome products from dolls to a Crayola crayon coloring case filled with every color possible, Crayola custom art case, Crayola color pencils, Crayola washable crayons called pip-squeaks, Crayola supertips and a small package of coloring paper! Let’s just say you have everything to get you started.

Now before we move forward these two awesome brands in my opinion are the #1 producer of arts, crafts and the #1 fashion doll, with their combined expertise they came together to inspire self-expression and creativity.  These products will give girls the opportunity to express themselves through creativity by sparking imagination and helping build confidence. Barbie chose to partner with Crayola as their products have sparked the creative spirit in children for nearly 115 years.

But wait, there’s more to this awesome partnership. Inside the box you will also see two Barbie doll sets.

One is the New Barbie Color -In Fashion Doll where your child can color the clothing any color they wish, have their Barbie wear it, then next wash and repeat same instruction.  Everything you need to make your Barbie the fashion diva she longs to be is included in your box, you have the Crayola crayons and outfits to color!

The Barbie doll comes with five washable fashion pieces — three dresses, one headpiece and one bag — that are decorated with graphic designs meant to be colored in with the included five Crayola markers. This Barbie doll kit retails for $28.00

Next, we have the Color Magic Station from Crayola and Barbie.

OMGoodness, this is another cool product from both Crayola & Barbie! This cool Color Magic Station will allow your daughter to add washable paint and stencils to Barbie’s outfits. Each set includes all the tools needed to create your fashions: three washable fashions, the Color Magic Station, one full-length stencil pattern, two half-length stencil patterns, five smaller stencils, three Crayola paint colors, tweezers and Barbie doll to showcase the looks. Different sets feature diverse looks and fashion pieces. It retails for $34.99

Last we have the Crayola & Barbie Crayons and Marker Case

Again, this case is full of crayons, pencils and markers to help you create anything your heart desire. This case retails around $24.99

The fashion activity line will be housed in the Barbie doll aisle, with initial products launching at US retailers ranging from US$9.99 to US$39.99. Additionally, Barbie and Crayola announced that the collaboration will continue into 2019 and will feature further expansions.



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Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.



  1. have not seen these yet but would like them.

  2. First time i am seeing this. I really like it

  3. My grand daughter loves barbie. She loves all the barbie toys and would love this set

  4. I never knew of the partnering until today; i think its awesome

  5. OMGosh how can i get this? I need this for my grandbabies!

  6. This looks like it would be so much fun! My granddaughter and I would love playing with this together. Thank you for this great review!! It is really cool that Barbie and Crayola have teamed up..two great brands that have promoted creativity for decades!!

  7. I would like to win this for my granddaughter 🙂
    Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  8. These are some great Barbie products! Any girl would love this especially if they love Barbie and fashion.

  9. my girl loves barbie,,, all of them

  10. I love the Barbie art set! My daughter would love any of these, not sure I’ve seen any of these products in the store.

  11. I had never heard of their collaboration, but it really does not surprise me.

  12. This would be a great gift for any child who is the least bit interested in fashion and how color can change an outfit.

  13. Win-win, my daughter loves Barbie and fashion designing! She even enjoys trying to sew clothes for them. This would be awesome!

  14. Would love to win this for my new baby cousin

  15. This is awesome!! Barbies and Crayola!! Two of the longest FUN, imaginative, creative, toys ever!! Great idea to pair them together!!
    I have three granddaughters’ birthdays coming up in April. These are excellent birthday ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  16. This is the first time I’ve seen this but how fun!!! I know my daughter would enjoy it.

  17. I have a friend who’s autistic child LOVES Barbie! She is very creative and this would be a wonderful “educational” toy for her.

  18. My little girl just loves Barbie. I bet she would have a lot of fun with this.

  19. Oh how I wish there were things like this when I was a kid. But luckily I get to share with my daughter. WE would have a great mother/daughter day with these sets.

  20. my younger daughter would live this..she is my little artist

  21. So much fun! What little wouldn’t want to make their own designs with their Barbie.

  22. My daughter would love this! She loves to color and design!

  23. My 2 granddaughters (sisters) would enjoy this. They love their Barbie dolls and Crayola makes wonderful products for them to be creative.

  24. This would provide many hours of fun for my granddaughter and her friends.

  25. These are cute things! I would love this for my niece!

  26. This is an awesome pairing of two great companies! My daughter will love this since she’s a huge Barbie fan & also loves anything art-related!

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  28. I’m an grown old woman and I want to play with these fun toys!!

  29. My niece would love one of these sets, she loves to color and design.

  30. What a cool idea……… granddaughters would love these it would help them create their own color combos .

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  36. I think that my granddaughter would love this. Thanks for the chance.

  37. All of these Barbie products are awesome! I loved Barbie when I was a girl, and now I get to enjoy all of the cool new products with my two daughters! 🙂 Both of their birthdays are in May, so thanks for some awesome gift ideas!

  38. I know a little girl named Samantha who would love this. She loves Barbie!

  39. My niece’s favorite toys are her dolls and her art supplies. This would be perfect for her.

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  42. This is so cool! My daughter Loves Barbie!!

  43. My granddaughter is so artistic and would love the Crayola & Barbie Crayons and Marker Case as she loves drawing and loves Barbie.

  44. These are fantastic! I saw some toy review groups mention it and also my 6 yr old Barbie lover told me about it!

  45. My daughter is a very creative person! When she saw the commercial for the new barbie crayola toy she was so excited. She is the perfect age of 6 to enjoy it.

  46. This is a an awesome set for my great niece and even great nephew.

  47. My daughter would love to combine art and her Barbie hobby.

  48. My daughter would love this so much especially when it combines two of her favorite things,art and dolls!

  49. I played with Barbies and Crayola crayons when I was little and so did my daughter. Now it’s my granddaughter’s turn. She would have so much fun playing with her Barbie and designing her clothes with Crayola crayons. Two great products in one. You can’t beat that.

  50. I’d ❤️ to win this for my niece! Her birthday 🎂 is next week😊❣️

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  53. I love these new products! They are really awesome, and I know a few girls that would love them!

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  55. I have not seen these in stores but they look fun

  56. I hadn’t seen these yet. They would make great gifts!

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