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Baptism Ideas: 5 Essential Tips for Planning a Baptism Party

There’s more to a baptism party than just selecting a theme. Keep reading for baptism ideas: 5 essential tips for planning a baptism party.

Is someone you know being baptized soon? This person can be a child, another relative, a friend, or even yourself. No matter who it is that’s becoming baptized, it’s only right that there’s a baptism party afterward.

This is such a special moment for everyone involved, so why not keep the celebration going a bit longer? But before you dive into your party-planning mode, be sure to look over these awesome baptism ideas. Doing so will help you put together the most amazing baptism celebration you’ve ever seen!

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  1. Choose a Location

The first step in planning the part is choosing the right location. You can choose to have the party at the same church where the baptism took place, select a venue or restaurant, or have it at someone’s home. Check with the church where the baptism is going to take place.

If they have a hall, in many cases, it’ll be free to rent after the baptism. This also makes things super convenient for you and your guests. If your church offers the hall for free, they might ask for a simple donation.

Other churches might charge a fee, but it’s sure to be cheaper than a restaurant or other venue.

  1. Decide on a Menu

If you’re not having the party at a restaurant, then you’ll need to decide on a menu. Even if you do have it at a restaurant, you should speak with them about what items to bring out for the party. When holding the party elsewhere, consider asking each family member and friend to bring their favorite dish.

You’d be surprised at how many people enjoy doing this because they want everyone to try their food and love it as much as they do. Another good idea is to have the main course catered for the event and then provide the side dishes.

  1. Have a Photographer

Notice that we said “have” a photographer and not hire one. Sure, you can hire a professional photographer, but if there’s someone in your family who loves taking photos, ask them to be the photographer for the event. Chances are, they’ll be honored to take photos for you. Remember you’ll need to search for baby baptism outfits, this way you’ll know you will have the perfect outfit and photo for this special occasion.

If you don’t have a photography lover in the family, then be sure to hire one. You’ll appreciate and adore these photos for the rest of time.

  1. Incorporate Family Traditions

If there are any special family traditions that you have, make sure you incorporate them into the event. This is a sure way to make the event special. You and your family alike will feel the unity between everyone who attends.

  1. Send out Invitations

Sending out baptism invitations is a must. Without invitations, you’re taking the risk of people forgetting about the event. A good rule of thumb is to send them out about 3 weeks before the event.

This gives your guests plenty of time to plan ahead for the baptism, but not too much time where they’ll forget about it.

Keep These Baptism Ideas in Mind!

When planning a baptism party, it’s essential that you keep these baptism ideas in mind! Following these 5 steps is a sure way to plan an awesome baptism party.

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