Are you ready for some Football!!! Nerf Fire Vision Sports Football review!

                        WOOHOO!! Who’s ready for some Nerf Fire Vision Football playing???

I just opened my box from Buzzagent just this morning and WOW, my boys are going to have a ball when they see the new Nerf Fire Vision. I might as well get ready to hear the screams of joy from all of them, yes all…lol my husband, oldest son, and of course my grand boys.

They love football and what better way to have some fun with them experiencing the new Nerf Fire Vision. The whole set includes a Awesome Nerf ball plus two pair of LED glasses, one red & one green! The kids aren’t home yet so they haven’t seen it but I had to take it out of the box and play with it myself and Geez, that is one cool ball.

I love how it illuminates at night with the glasses. I tried the red pair first and you can see the ball very well. It’s like the glasses made the ball glow which to me made it much easier to see. I didn’t have to worry about charging up anything. It glows during the day and night but what better fun to have then to toss it around at night. It has a range of 100 feet away from your LED glasses, that’s a nice range especially for night vision.

I found the glasses to fit just right but I’m not sure how they will fit on the kids, they felt fine on me just like my regular glasses.We’ll soon see when they get home from visiting this weekend.

The overall concept of the Nerf Fire Vision is sure to make any male happy!! It’s also a way to share some good quality time with the boys. My husband can’t wait for the boys to come home so they too can have a little football fun. They better watch out though, I ‘m sure the girls would like to play also!!

Here is more details about the New Nerf Fire Vision Football:

Energize your football play with the bright blazing light of this awesome Nerf Firevision Sports – Football! The ball’s unique Microprism Technology lets you play for hours with blazing energy and a bright glow with no charging, and the included FIREVISION Frames activate the ball. Whether you’re slamming through a hardcore game or scrimmaging with a friend, you’ll be at the top of your game with the FIREVISION Sports Football and activation frames! 

Pssst, you have to get this for the men in your life, it will be an Awesome Christmas gift!!!! 

Disclaimer Statement

I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Bzzagent at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC. 


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