Pure LatexBLISS mattress topper & pillow review!

There’s nothing like getting some good sleep!!  It’s so important to make sure your body is getting the required  amount of sleep but it’s really hard when you don’t have the appropriate mattress. A bad mattress can cause so many problems, not only for sleep but for your body. It is extremely important to have a mattress that will allow you to reduce stress, help circulate blood flow and assist with aligning your spine while sleeping.

Going to bed should be your least worry, you shouldn’t have to wonder if your body will get a good night sleep with Pure Latex Bliss. Their company made sure to meet the needs of your body and mind. I received  their XLTwin Topper and their High & Low Profile Pillows last week. It’s 2″ of plush Talalay Latex and sumptuous cotton that is guaranteed to bringing relaxation and alleviate tension.

I chose to put it in our third bedroom but I have to say I’ve seen my daughter in there more then usual. We both had a chance to lay down on it and Oh Boy, it feels so comfortable before we knew it we both had fallen a sleep! The mattress we had in there was a little too firm, sometimes your back would ache and believe me when I say this…we paid good money for that old mattress. But with the Pure LatexBLISS mattress topper your getting a good night sleep, your not waking up to a aching back nor being tired from tossing and turning. Your relax, free from tension, comfortable and most of all relief from any pressure points.

Pure LatexBliss mattress topper has definitely put a smile on everyone’s face here in my home, the comfort from the topper has so many great benefits that’s sure to bring nothing but “Sweet Dream“!!

Now lets get to the High & Low Profile Pillows:

Move over old pillows, there’s a few new Pillows in town and I love them both!! We had the pleasure of trying out Pure Latex Bliss Natural Talalay Latex Pillows, wow the support and durability from each one really made a difference. They both give us  great support around the neck area and I love the plush feeling from the material.

I told my husband how I found myself sleeping very well on my pure latexbliss pillow, I didn’ t have to fold it up to get comfort. He noticed how it contoured to his neck, relieving all tension.

These great pillows have great benefits as well:

  • Mold and Mildew Proof
  •  Dust Mite Resistant, Naturally Hypoallergenic
  •  Antibacterial, Anti-fungal
  • Resilient and Durable

Overall I’m very pleased with all of Pure LatexBLISS products, the topper mattress is magnificent and the pillows are outstanding. Yes, their products are costly but sometimes it pays more to get a good night sleep.

          Just lay back and allow Pure LatexBLISS   to take your body away to “DREAMLAND”!!


Disclaimer Statement

I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Pure LatexBLISS at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC. 


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19 thoughts on “Pure LatexBLISS mattress topper & pillow review!

  • Wow! I need to check these out. My old king size mattresses kill my back!

  • This looks like something that i could really use! great review!

  • Great review! I have a latex topper and pillow and I love them! I perfer these over the memory foam any day! I will have to check this company out next!

  • I would love to sleep comfortably. It sounds so good.

  • This sounds great! I’ve tried others of these and they didn’t do the job. I’m going to have to look into these! Thanks!

  • Being a Latex Bliss dealer myself I can only post rave reviews for their latex mattress toppers and pillows. We sell a ton of them here at Arizona Premium Mattress and with our heat it’s no wonder why, these are simply cooler than memory foam. Latex is and always will be the sleep solution for my family. Who needs the extra toxins found in most beds these days? Not me.

  • As a Latex Bliss dealer I must say that their products are very high quality and we’ve never had a single complaint. We carry the 3″ topper in all natural, blended and even the new slow recovery which feel like memory foam but without all the toxic and heat factors. Our company, Arizona Premium Mattress is also a full on latex mattress manufacturer and knowing what I know about the other types of beds being made today, latex is the only answer for my family.

  • This sounds heavenly!! Would love to try it!

  • That sounds so nice! Now I want one. 😉

  • I’d LOVE to try one of these!! (well, both, to be honest!!)

  • That looks awfully comfy, cozy! I totally have to agree… I’d rather pay a bit more to get one that works and I won’t be replacing every couple months! Speaking of… it’s prob time to be replacing the one I have now. GREAT timing to read this 🙂

  • Are these products waterproof?

  • I’m ready to go take a nap just reading your review! Getting a good night’s sleep is always nice, and I think I need one of these mattress toppers!

  • As a fellow mom, I’m SO jealous! I’m going to check them out since I could use my own good night’s sleep! Thank you!

  • as my old man always says ” cheap doesn’t mean better.” Sometimes you have to spend a little more green to get what you really want and need. Why buy the cheap one 20 times over when you can buy the good one once! I want that pillow!


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