Are Delta-8 Gummies Medicinal Or Recreational?

If you know anything about the world of legal cannabinoids, you have probably heard some of the hype around Delta-8 THC. It’s a close cousin of Delta-9 THC (the illegal one in the family) and has many of the same properties. By cultivating Hemp for a higher level of Delta-8, growers can now produce a substance that is both psychoactive and legal. Thus, a lot of people are trying it simply for the “high.” Although there really isn’t anything wrong with this, it does bring up the question: Are Delta-8 gummies medicinal or recreational?

They Are Definitely Recreational

If you look for testimonials regarding the mental and physical effects of Delta-8, they are all over the internet. In general, you will see certain trends that exist among all the described experiences. For instance, everyone describes a relaxed, euphoric, “floaty” kind of feeling. Thus, we can see that its mental effects are similar to those of Delta-9. It can also be enjoyed in all the same ways as Marijuana, using pipes, papers, bongs, vapes, and all sorts of other methods.

When you read most of the accounts, you won’t find very many that relate to medicinal use. It seems that the vast majority of people trying it today are motivated by curiosity and a desire for a euphoric experience. However, that does not mean that the substance is devoid of medicinal benefit. 

It is also worth noting that its psychological benefits should not be overlooked. The “high” associated with this plant can, in itself, be very therapeutic. If nothing else, it gives stressed-out people an easy way to relax. We can certainly establish that Mr Hemp Flower delta 8 gummies are recreational substances, but let’s see if they might also be useful from a medical perspective. 

Medicinal Usage Of Delta-8 THC

Let’s take a quick look at the scientific and medical literature on Delta-8 THC and see if we can find any proven medical benefits. Because it is so similar to Delta-9 THC, it seems to have many of the same properties. That’s good for Delta-8 users because there are plenty of proven benefits for Delta-9 in spite of its intoxicating effects. 

For one thing, Delta-8 works as a powerful appetite stimulant. There are some conditions that make it difficult for people to eat, and all forms of THC are useful for the treatment of these. THC is also frequently used to augment existing methods that are known to cause nausea (like chemotherapy). Delta-8 seems to be good for all of these same things. According to this study, it would seem that Delta-8 has many other uses as well. It is an anti-emetic (counters nausea and vomiting), an anxiolytic (relieves anxiety), an analgesic (pain reliever), and a neuroprotector (protects the brain). 

Of course, some people might say, “why not just use Delta-9? It’s already legal in some places and will probably soon be legal nationwide!” The problem here is that Delta-9 is a little bit more intense in its effects. Not everyone wants to smoke full-on Marijuana, as some people just don’t like the experience. However, some of those people might still need the medical benefits. Delta-8 gives them an alternative that is significantly less psychotropic.

There is also evidence to show that Delta-8 acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent. This is not surprising since so many other cannabinoids are known to be useful anti-inflammatory agents. CBD, in particular, has always been touted for its ability to soothe inflamed tissue, but Delta-8 also seems to be quite effective. This study examined the effect of certain cannabinoids (including Delta-8) in treating inflammations of the eye caused by external injuries. 

Although the cannabinoids did not cure the maladies of which the subjects suffered, it did prove to be therapeutic in many ways. The overall inflammation was reduced by a significant amount, leading the researchers to conclude that cannabinoids could be used as a treatment for corneal pain and inflammation. 

Conclusion: The Verdict

After looking closely at the evidence, we think it is obvious that Delta-8 is both a medicine and a recreational substance. It has many of the same proven medical benefits attributed to its psychoactive cousin, and it offers those benefits with a lot less alteration to your state of mind. 

If we characterized Delta-8 as either a purely recreational substance or a pure medicine, we would only be telling you half of the truth. The truth is that this stuff is perfectly suitable for both purposes. Gummies are used as an example because they are a pleasant and convenient way to enjoy Delta-8 and have proven to be very popular indeed. We hope that you have found all the answers that you need and that you will have a pleasant day. 


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