A guide to safe staycationing in 2020 

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If there is one word that gained a surprising amount of traction in the summer of 2020, it’s “Staycation.” As many of us had our dreams of a holiday in the foreign sun dashed by COVID-19 and the national lockdown, more of us than ever before began to pontificate on the possibility of a vacation closer to home. 

Almost 25% of holidaymakers have said they would prefer to vacation in the UK until a vaccine is found and with October half term on the horizon, “Staycation” is once again on the lips of many parents wishing to get away from all the negativity for a few days.

But what are your options, given the circumstances?

Airbnb in London – Currently, the three-tier system states that any area in a Tier 3 situation cannot allow mingling between households and that all ‘non-essential’ travel should be curtailed. Tier 2, however, means that while households are still not allowed to mingle, you should still be able to take your family on a staycation to a nice Airbnb. With train times to London constantly being updated and fares being cut to make up for the lack of interest, it could be the best time to visit our nation’s capital.

Hitting the beach – Beaches might not be seen as the most desirable locations in the cold and windswept month of October but that means you’ll be able to grab some incredible deals. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend taking a dip in the ocean, but you can still enjoy the views!

Something remote – While major cities are likely to be suffering from the most severe amount of cases and restrictions, it’s in the more remote and idyllic parts of the country that you’ll find things are little more ‘like they used to be’. Expansive areas like the Lake District and the Peak District and areas south of London like Cornwall and the general Somerset area have not been affected as badly by coronavirus as the rest of the country, so might be the areas you’ll want to look towards for your October staycation.

Something quaint – There are dozens of beautiful little seaside towns scattered across the country, such as the gorgeous Mevagissey in Cornwall and, of course, Whitby – the area that inspired the famous Dracula novel. You’ll probably have the best fish and chips of your life and the there are hundreds of cosy cottages to choose from as far as accommodation is concerned.

Wherever you end up deciding to spend your October half term staycation, it’s vital to ensure you only book accommodation that can be cancelled with 24-hour notice. Because while the rules are clear right now, there’s no telling what they might be from week-to-week.



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