Understanding Senior Living Now and Beyond 2018

Senior living expectations and demands are constantly evolving. Over the past few years, we’ve seen multiple changes, particularly in regard to the administrative decisions that have impacted the senior healthcare system. Along with the economic shifts, there is a lot expected from seniors and their families as well as regulatory bodies in senior living options, medications provided, caregiver requirements, technology and other aspects.

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There’s no doubt that a lot has been done to revolutionize senior living to make it more comfortable for seniors in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities and in-home care. For families thinking of senior care living for a loved one or aging parents, knowing what to expect is crucial. Here’s what you should understand about senior living now and beyond 2018.


Growth in Independent Senior Living

Independent senior living is growing in popularity, especially among retired seniors who are 55 years and older, according to Riddle Village, an independent senior living community offering a comfortable and active lifestyle for seniors in Pennsylvania. In fact, unlike normal residential residences, senior living apartments are offering larger spaces with more facilities.

Larger spaces are meant to cater to the needs of the residents while offering the same home-like environment away from home. Studios have been the most common type of assisted living spaces, but now, one-bedroom apartments are increasingly available with more spacious living spaces for furniture and personal items. Special senior amenities are also being provided.

Increased Competition

Senior living providers across the U.S. are likely to face increased competition in 2018 and beyond. Even for the largest and most established senior homes in the country, competition is expected to result in drastic changes in service delivery and care options. Senior living providers and independent senior living communities are trying to differentiate themselves.

Families looking for senior living facilities will find it even harder to select the best facilities. To cope with the increasing competitiveness in the industry, providers will have to recognize and promote their own strengths and go out to the market with a stronger message about what they do and offer for seniors so as to stand out from the crowd.

Rise of Innovative Senior Care Technology

Innovative technology is set to revolutionize senior care, from mobile support for seniors living in independent living communities to in-home care computer systems that enable caregivers to track medications and vital signs. According to Reader’s Digest, innovations in senior living are set to play a bigger role in providing more efficient senior care solutions.

With new innovative products and services being introduced to tackle senior living and health care needs, we can expect to see more coordinated care through technology. Families can choose the best innovations to suit their loved ones. To ensure that seniors benefit from these innovations, proper integration is key.

The Decline of Nursing Homes

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Over the last few years, the nursing home model of senior care has been on a decline. The industry has been shifting towards senior housing options, including assisted living, home care and independent living. More providers are taking care services to where seniors are. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of American seniors would prefer to age in their homes. Due to this, more providers are beginning to offer assisted living care to seniors in their own homes.


After a senior move into an assisted or independent living community, they are five times more likely to see a significant improvement in their quality of life than get worse. These numbers can be an eye-opener for families and seniors who are hesitant about senior living. Relations with families and seniors also improve greatly with senior living.



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