Clip-ins are an excellent way to quickly and safely change your hairstyle. They are easy to put on and take off. They are safe and easy to use, comfortable, economical, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well. 

Hence, it’s no surprise they are among the most popular hair extensions out there. They vary as much in quality and style as full-hair wigs.

Scores of women rely on clip in extensions to look fantastic every day. But choosing the correct type of clip-in to blend with the natural hair can be tricky for most of them.

You can refer to the guide below to learn more about finding the best clip-ins for your hair.

Natural or synthetic hair

Natural extensions use human hair, while synthetic ones are made of fine fibers that resemble human hair. The first step for you when buying an extension is deciding which of these to pick.

If you buy natural hair clip-ins, you will be able to wash, comb, and blow-dry them just like you would your real hair. While they may be a bit pricey, they are worth the investment owing to their quality and long shelf life.

On the other hand, while synthetic hair extensions don’t permit such freedom, they are best for women who find it uncomfortable to wear another person’s hair. They are also a more economical choice.

Length and weight

It is relatively easy to blend long hair clip-ins with medium-length hair. But it can get tricky if you have short or very short hair. In this case, you will need to invest in extensions that can be used in layers so that they add volume to your hair. Also, make sure to clip enough hair in them, or your natural hairs may break due to the extensions’ weight.

Another key aspect is that the longer and thicker the extensions, the heavier they will be. So, if you do not want to strain your scalp and hair, pick lightweight extensions.


The texture of your hair is a critical factor to consider when choosing clip-in extensions. Depending on your natural hair texture, you can pick from the following options.

  • Wavy – Not very straight and not very curly – wavy hair texture falls somewhere between the two extremes. It has a flowy quality to it, framing different face shapes effectively.
  • Straight – Among the simplest of textures, it offers a classy and elegant overall look. It is also the best one to try various hairstyles on.
  • Curly – Vaguely akin to the “z” or “s” shape, curly hair texture is trendy among young women.


The global hair extension market is expected to grow by over 13% during the 2021 to 2026 period. Among the most significant reasons for this impressive growth is the high demand for various unique and different colored extensions. 

You should pick a color that suits your natural hair shade, or the clip-in could easily stand out. Alternatively, you can dye or add highlights to the extension as well.


You should pick a thickness level depending on the quality and length of your natural hair. Ideally, a thickness of 100 to 130 grams is appropriate for medium-length, fine hair. In contrast, if you have medium to thick hair, you may need to buy an extension with a thickness of 125 to 170 grams or more.

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