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A Guide to Buy Comfy and Stylish Porch Swing for Your Beachside Home     

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Having a beachside home to get away from the chaos of city life is a dream come true. What can be more wonderful than the sound of waves lulling you to sleep and waking up with the cry of the gulls? And simply gazing out at sea from your porch as you take in the beauty of nature is one of the surest ways of calming your senses and detoxifying your body. 

A porch swing will be apt for the purpose. You can find out about different types of swings from sites like The Porch Swing Store

Here are some points to help you pick out a chic and comfy porch swing for your beach home. 

  • Resistant to Moisture 

Porch swings are available in a variety of materials. However, while buying one for a beach home, you need to keep in mind that the air would be heavily laden with moisture. And it will have a direct impact on the material. 

Wood is the most popular choice, followed by cane or rattan.  But exposed wood is not an idea for the beachside. Make sure the wood is treated and varnished to keep away moisture from penetrating. 

There are also options like steel and wrought iron to choose from. While stainless steel is very resistant to moisture, it can heat up quickly in the seaside sun. And the wrought iron should be ideally treated to prevent rusting from the salty water. 

If you want a more sustainable option, then durable recycled plastic is a good choice. Check how far your home is away from the sea before making the final choice. 

  • Look and Style

Your beachside home could have a contemporary, minimalist look with large French windows opening out to the sea, or it could be a rustic farmhouse style home overlooking the beach. The porch swing you choose should complement the style of your beach home for a cohesive look. 

The metal swings are best if you prefer clean lines, but an Adirondack or farm style swing will be perfect for a country-style beach setting with brick walls and an open patio. You can laze around and gaze at sunsets. 

  • Sturdy and Strong 

It would help if you had a strong porch swing for your beachside home for several reasons. The swing will be frequently used by you, and your friends would frequently love to come and sit outside gazing at the blue waters of the ocean. If your porch swing is large enough to seat three or more people, you need solid hinges and chains to hold it from the ceiling. 

Moreover, the chains should be firm and properly treated to withstand moisture, or they will be subject to rusting. That can quickly corrode and weaken the chains and cause a nasty fall. You can have a roof joist for added support to hang the swing from as well. 

You should also waterproof your wooden swing if you want the planks from creaking and breaking down, or to prevent termite infestation. 

By keeping these points in mind, you will be able to buy the perfect porch swing for your beach home. You can find more information on them from sites like The Porch Swing Store. 



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