A Buyer’s Guide to Remote-Controlled Helicopters

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Kids and kids at heart love toys, and remote-controlled helicopters add more fun by flying and zooming these play helicopters at high speeds, which makes it a popular gift on any occasion. And if you’re a parent, you might see yourself and your child getting interested in these little bundles of action and fun.

 So we created a comprehensive guide to understand what makes a good RC helicopter for you to make this toy an enjoyable hobby to play together and a learning experience for you and your kids, the science of flight and fun. 

Types of Remote-Controlled Helicopters

The first thing you should look for before making the proper purchase is to understand what kind of toy you should buy for your kids. Some RC helicopters are fitted with basic controls and made for young children under supervision, and others allow you to develop skill and precise handling for some challenging runs.

There are three types of RC helicopters that you can check; these are Coaxial, fixed pitch, and collective pitch. We’ve briefly described each model type, but we recommend getting expert guidance at Frontline Hobbies when buying your first RC helicopter.

Coaxial Models

Coaxial RC helicopters are the ideal models for those starting and young children; these models come with dual rotors to stabilize the toy when in flight and avoid spinning. They are the most stable model with the most straightforward controls you can quickly learn and master. 

Coaxial models are generally cheap and easy to repair but often hard to make swift movements and may lose balance under windy conditions.

Fixed Pitch Models

Next on the line are these fixed pitch models. These models have a single-rotor engine but are well-compensated with a functioning tail rotor for stability. Unlike Coaxial models, they are generally smoother and can perform basic aerobatic techniques. 

These models are suitable for people wanting to improve their control and have the freedom to fly these models on windy outdoor days.

Collective Pitch Models

These professional-level models promote complete control and speed for experienced users. Their premium rotor placements are made to remove torque and easily make quick movements and the best aerobatic techniques. 

Collective pitch models are the most complex models to operate; they require strong experience driving RC helicopters to adapt to the technical controls and high-speed potential quickly. But since most of these models are top-of-the-line products, preparing for another toll ahead might be a good idea.

Battery or Fuel Operated?

Most beginner models only need a set of batteries to operate for hours. However, bigger and better models use nitro fuel to increase speed and capacity. If you plan to play the toy indoors and have a kid with you, opt for battery-operated models for safety and security. 

However, if your kid is a bit older and wants this to develop into a proper model, use nitro-fuel-compatible models for an authentic outdoor experience. 

Control Interface

All Remote-Controlled helicopters have a battery-operated control device that lets you fly and control helicopters easily. However, they come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on what type of model you prefer, its controls can be a challenge.

For beginner models, you can start with a simple two or three-channel control that allows you to lift and go around in simple directional movements. As you opt for more complicated ones, you gain access to as many as six control channels for more precise and acrobatic movements.

Simply put, if you only want something for indoor fun and kids, use coaxial models with few channels, but if this is a serious hobby you want to develop, opt for bigger models and more intricate controls.

Overall Build Quality

RC helicopters differ in build quality. Most entry-level and beginner-friendly models are often priced below $100 with standard build quality; since you’ll be crashing your toy a lot, build quality must be considered.

The more expensive and intricate your RC helicopter is, the more durable its chassis is. If buying expensive models is not your priority, you can always refer to a legitimate dealer and ask if they also repair RC Helicopters, so your models can last longer and avoid making purchases after purchase whenever your RC helicopters crash down.

Another thing is parts; most RC helicopters can be disassembled and replaced by rotors to their engines. To save money and learn more about this hobby, you can always teach yourself or procure manuals for repairing RC helicopters and understanding different parts of the model. Over time you get to be your mechanic and customize your models in whatever form you like.

Final Thoughts

Understanding remote-controlled helicopters is beneficial for the experience of your kids and enthusiasts when you consider this a potential long-term hobby. Knowing the technical features and how helps you find that perfect model to start as a beginner or improve your handling skills as an amateur.

Our suggestions below are just a tip of the buying guide to help you make informed buying decisions. As long as you make a proper budget and understand what features or look your model wants, every RC helicopter purchase will always be a worthwhile investment.


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