9 Cute Hairstyles for Girls to Match Her Cute Twirl Dress!

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Little girls who love dressing up and accessorizing with jewelry also tend to ask their moms to give them pretty hairstyles. If you’ve run out of ideas, here are 9 cute hairstyles for your spirited, girlish daughter to show off when she wears her favorite twirl dress.

1. Long and Wavy

                                                                            Source: presleycouture.com

When your little girl spins in her twirl dress, she’ll want her hair to twirl with her.

Leave her hair down and let those gorgeous natural curls flow in the wind. It’s an easy hairstyle and easy to accessorize with a pretty bow or hair scarf.

2. Waterfall Braid

                                                                      Source: mytrendingoutfit.com

A simple waterfall braid is the perfect braid for any occasion, and easy enough for braiding beginners. It works with straight or curly hair, but we think it looks best when combined with cascading curls.

3. Halo Braids

                                                                            Source: @heathcotehair

Headed to a wedding this spring or summer? This elegant hairstyle is the perfect way to style your little girl when seeing your favorite couple say, “I do!”

4. Rope Braid

                                                                             Source: babesinhairland.com

No great at braiding your daughter’s hair? That’s OK. Try this hairstyle out — no actual braiding required! Whether you choose to do one rope braid or two, it’s a great hairdo to keep your daughter’s bangs off her face as she plays, while also helping beat the heat during a hot summer day spent outside.

5. Flower Crown

                                                                                     Source: kassinka.com

Help your daughter feel like the princess she is with a flower hair crown. This one is sweet, adorable, and about as girly as it gets.

6. Half Up Bow

                                                                            Source: brownhairedbliss.com

Don’t have a bow that matches her twirl dress? You don’t need one! Use your daughter’s long hair to make a real hair bow. It’s an especially cute hairstyle during the holidays! Because presents aren’t the only thing you should put a bow on.

7. Double Heart Pigtails

                                                                                 Source: @simplystranded

We’ve got all the heart eyes for this adorably fun hairstyle. A super cute way to do a little girl’s hair any day of the week, but it would be an especially lovely way to do her hair for her daddy-daughter Valentine’s Day date.

8. Colorful Basket Weave

                                                                              Source: @pinsinmypocket

This one looks tricky, but it’s really quite simple. All you need is lots of colorful rubber elastics and a little girl who is able to sit still long enough for you to complete this look. The latter might be harder than the actual hairstyle!

9. Pull Through with Micro Braids

                                                                                 Source: @mimiamassari

Want to up your daughter’s hair game? Then give this one a go! Intricately beautiful, her hair will easily match how stunningly beautiful she is in her twirl dress.



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