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7 Ways of Making Vacuuming Fun

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We can probably all agree that nobody likes vacuuming. It’s a tiring process that can sometimes take quite a while of your valuable time.

Still, it doesn’t always have to be the worst thing ever. Believe it or not, there are ways of making vacuuming fun or at least a bit more fun than the dreading task we know.

Everyone has to vacuum regardless of the size of home or type of flooring. It’s an essential step in everyone’s maintenance routine that also has a significant role in the overall hygiene.

However, it’s the least fun thing to do, coming right after ironing clothes and doing the dishes. Stick to the end to discover some of the best ways of making vacuuming fun and not as tiresome.

  1. Play your favorite tunes

You may have heard of this one, but have you ever tried playing some music while vacuuming. Music makes everything easier because it also makes it seem as if the time is going by faster.

The key is in playing upbeat music, though you can also play ballads if that’s what you like better. Really anything that will keep your mind of the task at hand will work quite well for the purpose.

Play anything, but make sure it’s loud enough so you can hear it over your vacuum cleaner. If you’re feeling extra, you can even play music in your earphones, but make sure that you can always hear the unit at least a little bit.

It’s a great way of making vacuuming more fun since you can even take dance breaks and practice singing if you’re not shy.

  1. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner

Have you ever thought that the reason why you hate vacuuming is your old and bulky vacuum cleaner? Is it outdated, making the process difficult on both carpets and bare floors? If so, it’s time you get a new one.

Having a good vacuum cleaner is essential as it can make the process easier and much quicker. Plus, today’s market is packed with many different models, features, and specs, so there’s something for everyone.

While you can choose freely among features and specifications, you should pay special attention to the durability and longevity of the machine. Make sure that you get yourself a vacuum that lasts long.

Having to replace vacuums every year is no fun at all regardless of how much you may have enjoyed vacuuming at some point. For this reason, having a vacuum that lasts long will make the process that much more fun and enjoyable, to begin with.

  1. Turn your timer on

Sometimes, racing against time is fun. More so, once you set your timer, you’ll see that vacuuming doesn’t’ take as long, and everything can be done in a few minutes.

How much time you’ll give yourself depends on the size of your home and type of floors you have. Thick carpets take longer to clean than tile, so you’ll have to think this through strategically.

You can combine this step with the first one we discussed to make the process that much more bearable. Play some tunes, set up your alarm and get going, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can wrap each room.

  1. Reward yourself

The truth is, carpets need cleaning regardless of whether you’ll get an award or not. Sadly, we don’t always get rewarded for the difficult housework we do every day.

However, you don’t have to wait for that pat on the back. Instead, you can think of an award you can treat yourself with once you’re done.

So, you meant to check out that new TV show? You really want some hot chocolate although you’re on a diet? Well, take this time to treat yourself with a little something for the hard work of vacuuming you’ve done.

The reward can be pretty much anything that means to you, so it doesn’t have to be watching the TV or having a cheat meal. Still, make sure it matters to you because otherwise, you won’t really care enough to do it. It’s bribery, but it works.

  1. Take the time to meditate

Meditation is an excellent way of being alone with your thoughts. Still, most people dislike the thought of it because the general idea of meditation doesn’t seem as fun.

It might sound weird saying you can meditate while vacuuming since you won’t be sitting in a dark and quiet room listening to your breathing. Nonetheless, you can take this time to dig deep into your thoughts since it’s unlikely anyone would bother you while you’re dragging a vac.

You can even say things out loud, depending on how loud your vacuum is. Talking with yourself is perfectly normal, and best of all, it will make vacuuming go by faster.

  1. Commit to doing it regularly

This doesn’t sound like fun, does it? However, imagine vacuuming once in three weeks. Your floors would probably be messy, and it would take you at least an hour to deal with that.

On the other hand, imagine what it would look like if you vacuumed twice a week. The floors wouldn’t look half as bad, and the entire process would probably take around ten minutes.

Why? Because the floors are generally clean and you don’t have to get to all the nooks and crannies each time. Knowing that you’ll spend only a few minutes makes the process appear less tiring.

  1. Make it look like you achieved something

Sometimes, it helps to sprinkle some carpet powder or baking soda that you can vacuum up. These will make your carpets smell better and look fresher, but they’ll also make cleaning more fun. You can buy carpet powders in most stores, and the best thing is that they come in various scents, so you can mix things up.

Weirdly, there’s something satisfactory about vacuuming up white powder from your carpets. It makes it appear as if you’re actually achieving something instead of always cleaning invisible dirt, dust, and pet hair.



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