Tips for revamping your landscaping with the addition of water.

Adding landscaping to your space can dramatically increase the value of your home. It can also help you make the outdoor space more inviting and livable. Incorporating water into the design can also make the space more relaxing and can help create a completed look for the area.

Add a Pool

Pools can provide plenty of recreational time for families. They may be able to enhance the value of the home, and they can add a sense of beauty to the space. Whether you add a large, curved pool, an affinity pool or a narrow reflection pool, you can instantly add a dramatic flair to your space with the addition of a pool.

Create a Wall Feature

You can add water by creating a wall feature that does double duty as a landscaping feature and as a water feature. A retaining wall can allow water to trickle down into a spa below.

Add a Fountain

Fountains come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Tuck some orbs into a corner of your yard and have water flow between them. Garden pots can easily and inexpensively be converted to a natural-looking fountain. Some bamboo and a large container add a minimalist fountain that gets the job done. You can also make a fountain do double duty as a coy pond. If you do not have a lot of square footage in your space, you can incorporate fountains in nontraditional ways, such as having water stream down your stairs.

Create Water Container Gardens

If you are looking for the perfect mix between landscaping and water, try using water container gardens. These unique pieces consist of a pot, water and a variety of vegetation. These pieces look attractive and are also mainly self-sufficient, as long as you keep adding water as necessary.

Create a Waterfall

Nothing is quite as soothing as hearing the gentle stream of water going down a waterfall. Some flagstone and boulders strategically placed on a sloping hill can create the foundation for a pretty backyard waterfall.

Consider a Pond

If you have a larger area or desire a more prominent water feature, consider adding a pond to your yard. The pond can be large or small, empty or full. Coy ponds create attractive features while larger ponds may be preferable to individuals who want a variety of species in the yard. Add architectural details to the space to increase the visual impact, such as bridges, large boulders or statutes that stand up in the pond. Water lilies add a natural look while also helping with the ecosystem.

Add a Stream

A stream can create a relaxing feeling and atmosphere through the use of water trickling down. Incorporate lush vegetation around the stream, especially plants that thrive around water. Boulders help keep the water in place.

Pick a Corner

Adding water to your landscaping does not mean that you have to plant a gigantic pool in the middle of the yard. You can add a subtle water feature to your home by tucking it into a corner of your yard. For example, dig out a small pond for your space or place a fountain in the corner. Add visual interest to the space by incorporating more vertical space into the mix. For example, you can plant a multi-tiered fountain to a corner, which will not take up that much square footage but which will create a big visual impact.

Consider the Children

If you have young kids, you will have to take extra precautions. Most states require that pools be fenced in. Additionally, if you create a fountain

Add a Vanishing Edge

If you have a picturesque view, you may not want to completely cover it up, even with an alternative pretty view of the water. Having a vanishing edge can help solve this dilemma. This design technique allows you to add water without having walls that obstruct the entire view. You can use a vanishing edge with a pool or a pond.

Water is an integral component to a solid landscaping design. It helps create a harmonious space that welcomes you to the space and creates an attractive space that you and your family can enjoy.





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    I love water gardens in the home. I’m in the process of having our garden landscaped. Planning on adding a couple of water features to attract birds 🙂


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