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Styling your pergola using plants is a tried and true method of creating an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The best plants to make use of on your pergola are climbing plants as they can take advantage of the height of the structure and grow upward. Once mature these climbing plants can create a superior effect on the backyard seating area, making it an oasis of color and foliage that provides not just a beautiful glen but also a comfortable shade under which one can shelter.

While there are many types of climbing plants, the ones we that we recommend for use in styling your pergola are:

Firethorn More of a bush than anything, firethorn is a hardy shrub that grows to about 5 meters tall. While firethorn plants tend to be very thorny, they are evergreen and easy to grow and maintain. The shrub can be trained to grow upward, climbing up the poles of the pergola. Gloves can also be used while pruning and caring for the plant to avoid injury from the thorns.

Bougainvillaea – These plants are very popular because of their color variety. They can be red, orange, purple, pink or cream. Bougainvillaea do well in both warmer and cooler climates and grow fast; therefore, you would not have to wait long to see results after planting.

Clematis Clematis flowers bloom in pale pink or white when mature, creating a scene of utmost beauty. These plants are also easy to maintain with the requirement of nothing more than an annual prune. Clematis grows best in colder climes; therefore, areas that have consistently higher temperatures are not suitable.

Details Ivy Unlike the Clematis, Details Ivy thrive in warm climates, although it is best to grow them in shadier areas. One major drawback is that they can be challenging to grow in their initial stages. Once over this hurdle, however, they mature to beautiful evergreen plants that provide excellent cover.

Wisteria If you would like to have ample shade in your pergola, wisteria is the plant to grow. Its foliage grows thick and abundantly, producing fragrant purple, white or pink flowers. However, while wisteria grows quickly, it tends to be heavy when mature. Consider this and your pergola’s ability to support this weight when looking into growing wisteria.

Passion Flower This plant flourishes in the summer months and is a lightweight, prevalent option to consider. It has very distinctive flowers. Passionflower, however, does not flower in the winter months.

Chilean Potato Tree Vine This is a hardy plant that will produce striking flowers with captivating fragrance. Extra support will be required as the plant winds its way up the pergola.

Climbing Tea Rose – It is another hardy plant whose flowers will make your pergola an irresistible place to be. Climbing tea rose requires the most prolonged growing period in this list of plants. If you are willing to wait, however, the resultant plant, while heavy, will not disappoint.

Choosing the ideal climbing plants for your pergola should be simpler once you have determined which one best satisfies selection criteria like weight after growth, planting and maintenance requirements, the potential for shade, and flowering periods within the year. Once all is said and done, your pergola and outdoor seating area will become the most sought after area in your home.


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