How to Manage Working from Home and Parenting with 10 Tips

Millions of parents across the United States have had the privilege of working from home amid the pandemic. However, transitioning from going to the office to working from your living room has its downsides and complications. This is especially true if you’re a single parent.

According to a recent survey, 40 percent of all parents who are working from home say they have some responsibilities taking care of their children whereas 26 percent claim they have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to child care.

No matter whether you work in outsourced development for mobile games, running a psychiatrist practice from your living room or taking calls and managing appointments for another professional, you’ll need some advice to be a good employee without sacrificing your responsibilities as a parent.

Here are seven simple and effective tips to help you balance between being there for your kid and excelling in the workplace.

      1. Share Responsibilities

You can’t afford to burn out by trying to be a super parent. At some point, you will have to share the burden of being a parent. If you have a spouse, discuss with them how you can equitably share the load of raising your kids. If you are a single parent, you can findlive-in babysitters to try to ease your childcare duties or seek support from family members who are wiling to help.

      2. Set Boundaries

If your kids are old enough to understand, have honest conversations with them about how hard things can be for you. Tell them what you need from them and also be receptive to what they need from. Establish rules like not bothering you when you are on calls or when your office door is closed. Setting up these boundaries are essential to harmonious relations between you and your kids.

      3. Communicate Your Predicament

It’s crucial that your employers or employees know what you are going through. Be very frank with superiors. If your kids need more attention because they are having a tough time at school or adjusting, ask managers if they can give you some leeway with deadlines. Without proper communication, your work will suffer and your employers will have no inkling that you are juggling so many roles.

      4. Get Proper Hardware

Get your children the best equipment you can afford, so they can educate and entertain themselves while you are working. Some of the best laptops for kids are affordable and you may be surprised how much technology can help you. They can watch movies, talk to friends and type out homework. They’re also great investments because despite the prevalence of vaccinations, some schools may still retain digital classes to ensure everyone’s safety.

      5. Set Up Your Own Space

You will need your own cozy office space or at least a space specifically marked out for your work while at home. Establishing such a space is key to coming up with boundaries. If you don’t have an empty room around your house to turn into a home office, you can male do by staking out a corner of the living, a comfortable space by the window or by setting up a desk in your bedroom. Keep this area just for yourself and you may be able to concentrate on your work easier.

      6. Be Adaptive

Children are some of the most unpredictable factors in life. You’ll never know when one of them may get emotional, injure themselves or need your assistance in some way. You will have to make sure your schedule can adapt to sudden changes. Talk to your superiors and coworkers about how you may be suddenly called away form duty. Make sure your schedule has enough leeway to ensure you can handle things without sacrificing your work. You should also make it a habit to prepare very carefully before committing fully to any plan, since you don’t want to let people down if you have to skip these activities because of work or your kids.

      7. Take Care of Yourself

Finally, you won’t be much good to your employer or your family if you don’t take care of yourself. Schedule long breaks for yourself throughout the day during which you can listen to music, indulge on a snack or watch an episode of your favorite show. Without these breaks, you won’t be able to function for long and you’ll end up very stressed, if not burnt out.

Managing your kids and your work life isn’t easy but not impossible, as many other parents will tell you. These tips can ensure that you don’t end up disappointing yourself or your family.


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