7 Ways To Put Your Stamp on Your Car.

For some people, their car may simply be a means of getting from A to B. To others, their car is like their child, so it’s no wonder that some people want to put their stamp on their four-wheeled friend and make it more personal to them. If you want to make your car look more you, or are simply bored of how it looks currently, then follow some of the tips below.


1. Personalized Plates

One of the best ways of putting your stamp on your car is to change its number plate. Personalized and private number plates are completely unique, so they add value to your car, as well as an air of exclusivity. You could have your name or nickname on your plate or even a word that best describes you

2. Seat Covers

If your car seats are looking a little worse for wear or you’re bored of the look of your standard car seats, then you might want to consider buying some seat covers. If you’re on a budget, you can find basic seat covers in most supermarkets, sometimes with groovy patterns or bright colors on them. However, if you have a little more cash to splash, you might want to consider ordering some custom seat covers in the pattern and colors of your choice and made to measure. This is sure to jazz up the entire interior of your car

3. Color

Just because your car is a boring silver now, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Changing up the color of your car will help it stand out from the crowd, and will help you to feel as though your car is really yours. If you want your car to be completely unique, you can even get a car wrap that’s made up of two or more colored accents. Although this certainly isn’t the quickest or cheapest way to put your stamp on your car, it is certain the make the most impact

4. Aroma

While this won’t change the look of your car, changing the scent or fragrance will change the feel of your car. No one wants stale burgers and dust to be what comes to mind when they step into their car, so adding an air freshener will be highly beneficial. If you have a favorite scent, see if you can find a car air freshener that has that scent. Yankee Candle make air fresheners for cars, so you could see if they have your favorite candle in car air freshener form

5. Steering Wheel Cover

While adding a cover to your steering wheel won’t make a massive impact on the overall look of your car, it is sure to add a splash of color. You could even get a cover that matches the color of your car. For a more deluxe and exclusive look, you could get a cover with a leather or wood effect. Since winter is right around the corner, a steering wheel is a perfect way to customize your car, as it will keep the chill off your steering wheel on cold winter days

6. Pedals

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a racer, then you might want to brighten up your car with some custom racing pedals, like these here. Although the untrained eye may not be able to pick up on this small detail, it is sure to make you feel pretty cool and could be the start of a racing theme for your four-wheeled friend

7. Car Seat

If you have small children, then child car seats in your car are inevitable. However, just because you need to have a car seat in your car, it doesn’t mean that said car seat has to be boring. There are plenty of cool, cute, and colorful car seats available on the market, so don’t settle for something plain and boring. If you wanted to go the full mile with the race car theme, you could even get a Ferrari or Porsche car seat for your little one.

As many people say, life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, and your car is a pretty big part of that journey. Hopefully, these tips will help you to put a bit more personality into your car, and make that journey a much more fun and colorful one. If none of these is for you, then there are plenty of other things that you can do, so get your thinking cap on.



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7 thoughts on “7 Ways To Put Your Stamp on Your Car.

  • I love these original ideas so much! A great way to stand out on the road is to customise your vehicle. These ideas, which range from magnetic stickers to personalised licence plates, are not only entertaining but also a wonderful way to express oneself. I can’t wait to test things out and properly customise my automobile. I appreciate your inspiration.

  • We’ve never had a car before but the topic is coming up more and more these days about us getting our licenses and getting a car. It will be happening soon so this is great to know!

  • Personalized plates are very distinguishable and personalized which makes spotting your car a lot easier when you’re parked in a large parking lot. Also another great way to personalize your car are decals and different colour break calipers.

  • My car is MY car. I always try to keep it clean and smelling like my favorite car freshener, vanilla. I also love the blue color that we picked. We are in our cars so often that we should enjoy them.

  • These are really great tips, I used to have vanity plates but haven’t really found anything I’d like to make my new plates! I love having a steering wheel cover, it really helps with the heat/cold too!

  • I dont own a car but I found it interesting that you listed aroma. talk about marking your territory but in a nice smelling way. Had no idea that Yankee Candle made scents for cars. Sounds like a great gift idea for my car driving friends.

  • I’m all about a vanity license plate to make your car all yours. When you buy a vanity plate in our state you can contribute to a charity that is important to you so it’s a win win. Money for a cause near and dear to you + a plate that’s all you.


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