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7 Reasons Why I Never Clean My Own Carpets

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Someone asked me the other day why I never clean my own carpets. I’m always getting them cleaned by professional carpet cleaners.

 Carpet Cleaning is My Worst House Chore!

I’d rather clean windows. Wait, I’d even rather iron a load of laundry. Cleaning carpets is such hard work. I dislike getting on my knees and doing all that infernal scrubbing.

 Um, no. Leave that job to the professionals.

I’m Addicted to the Compliments

A friend of mine came to visit the other day. The first thing she commented on was how clean my carpets looked

I love getting compliments like that. I could never live up to that level of cleanliness by doing it myself. And I don’t know anyone who could.

I have Three Cats and Two Dogs

One of my cats is a dream. He doesn’t shed much hair at all—not even in summer.

But the other two are fluffy cats. No matter the time of year, there’s hair everywhere.

The only way to properly rid your home of hair is to have furniture and carpets professionally cleaned. There are specialized processes that ensure the elimination of all pet hair.

 I’m Allergic to Animal Hair

If I cleaned my own carpets, most of that hair would never leave my house. And that would mean spending a fortune on allergy medication to cope with the five animals I live with.

Getting every last one of those hair out of my carpet is a non-negotiable for me.

 I Love Drinking Red Wine

I always have at least three bottles of red wine in my house. I drink red wine regularly and so do my friends when they come over.

 Inevitably, someone always spills. And that’s when I look up at my friends with a smile on my face and say, “Don’t sweat it. I’m having them cleaned next week anyway.”

 I Adore the Smell of Freshly Cleaned Carpets

When I come home from a day at the office, the first thing that distresses me is the smell. My home always smells freshly cleaned.

 You’d be surprised how much dirt and how many smells get into—and stay in—your carpet.

Professional cleaners use the freshest smelling products that I could simply never compete with.

My Carpets Last Longer and Retain their Color

The carpets I have in my home now were installed five years ago

I had a look at an old sample book of the carpet I chose when I moved in. Out of interest, I compared it to my installed carpets.

There’s almost no fading on my carpets whatsoever, because I haven’t ever seen any merit in scrubbing the heck out of my rather pricey carpets.

I’m Doing My Bit for the Environment

The carpet cleaning company I use adheres to strict green guidelines when it comes to detergents and their cleaning methods.

I know that there are no harmful chemicals seeping through my carpet each time I have it cleaned.

Since they only use DfE Products, I feel at ease when my children play on the living room carpet, because there’s no chance of skin irritation or sinus problems.

Now I could purchase environmentally friendly carpet cleaner at the store, but have you seen those prices? I may as well have it done professionally.


All these little benefits make it a no-brainer for me. If I can help it, I’ll never clean my carpets gain. I’ve found a carpet cleaning company that I trust, and I love their work!

Do a little research and find yourself a carpet cleaning company that brings a whole new level of relaxation & peace of mind to your home.





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