5 Reasons to remove trees from your backyard

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Trees have always been the most popular element of any backyard. Most of us connect them to happy childhood, climbing, swinging and other mischievous activities that we did as kids.

Because of that, most of the families would never even consider getting rid of them. However, there are certain legit reasons why you should do so.

In this article, I will mention all the possible issues you might encounter with a tree(s) and thus, why you should at least consider cutting them down. If you’re unsure how to do this, there are companies such as Tree Removal San Diego that can help you out at any time!

  1. Chance of a tree falling down

Safety is the first and foremost reason why you should consider this action.

Depending on the size and position of a tree, there are numerous issues you might encounter. This is something that most people don’t think of then they plant their first tree but can definitely become a problem over time.

Thunder can strike a tree at any time and depending on a way it falls; it can endanger your house. The same goes for trees that are close to your house and are starting to lean towards it.

Because of this very reason I already recommend homeowners to get a small type of a tree when planning backyard.

  1. Foundation damage

Same way trees grow upwards; they also grow downwards. Old, big trees will grow enormous roots over years.

This can also pose a problem if a tree is close enough to your house.

Eventually, it will start affecting your foundation which is becoming weaker during the same time roots become stronger. Needless to say this might cause certain parts of the house to erode and your walls may even go down.

3. Rot damage

There are numerous benefits to trees during summer: they provide shade, its cozy around them and some of them even bear fruit.

But when the autumn and winter come around and humidity increases, trees become a real hazard.

Trees are constantly damp during this period and will start collecting mildew. Again, depending on their position, this will affect patio and rest of wooden structure that is surrounding them.

  1. Damage to gutters

Needless to say, of all the leaves that start falling off during autumn, most of them will end in your gutters.

First of all, this will cause a lot of trouble for you as you will be forced to constantly clean them during a period of time.

Second thing that needs to be considered is that these leaves are burdening gutters and pipes, can lead to damage and potential leakage. Leaves will start rotting over time making them a top priority.

  1. Aesthetics

Trees usually look great when you first introduce them.

Over time, as they start growing, problems will start amounting.

They can grow so big that they will cover certain areas of your home making them inaccessible to a viewer. Sometimes your home can look just like a small object in the background.

To top it all off, flowers and fruits may start falling off running nearby garden elements and furniture. Again, this will lead to a lot of hassle when it comes to maintenance.

Instead of looking ravishing, tree can ruin your whole exterior.


Most of these issues happen as tree grows bigger. This makes planning much more important.

Anyway, even if you decide to cut a tree, make sure you’ve made the right call. Don’t do it if you’re uncertain. However, you should also be realistic when it comes to potential hazards.


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