6 Hunting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

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So, you recently made up your mind to go hunting this weekend. Exciting!

Prepped up already? 

Well, not until you know what mistakes to avoid. Yes, you read that right!

Hunting is a very involved sport that demands all of your attention and dedication while at it.  No wonder you end up committing limitless mistakes and errors during your time in the woods. And, in such a demanding sport, all of these mistakes are important enough to be considered and rectified.

In order to save yourself from all the disappointment when out in the field, recognize the most commonly committed mistakes and make sure to avoid them. So, all the hunters out there (both beginners and professionals) get set and prevent committing such careless errors when on a hunt.

Skipping a pre-hunt scouting session

Skipping a pre-hunt scouting session is one of the biggest mistakes that even the most experienced hunters end up committing. Doesn’t matter whether you have hunted on a particular land already or it’s your first-ever hunt spot, a lot can be learnt from a scouting trip.

Walk to the area a few weeks before the ultimate day and scan the surroundings. Make sure everything’s in place, check your stands, food plots, look for deer who are going to roam around the area. Besides, discover new routes for heading to your stands each morning.

You see, a lot of things need to be taken care of before actually going for hunting! And, you don’t want to waste your precious hunting day figuring out these things without getting to hunt, right? So, scout your hunting area well before.

Not paying attention to the wind

Well, a great hunter has certain characteristics. One of which is being able to gauge the direction and speed of the wind. Doing so ensures that their scent is not being swept away and landing directly on the animals.

Only those who pay close attention to it will be able to experience a land full of game hunting and a day well spent.

Say no to ‘too much scent control’

The main purpose of any scent control is to attract the bucks to get a better sight of them for hunting. But, it can actually deviate from its purpose when not used carefully.

Just a few drops of an estrous doe scent is enough to pique the interest of your prey and lure him close enough. However, when the same is used thoughtlessly, it is a sure sign that the deer will not even come close by. So, if you don’t want your prey to run away, make sure to use only a considerable amount of scent control.

Failing to check your tactical gear

Well, one of the most important points to be taken care of before going for a hunt is to check your tactical gear. Whether it is your rifle, gun, ammunition, tree stands, or clothing, everything is susceptible to wear and tear. And, you wouldn’t want to risk your life for such a thing, right? As it is, you’re going for a hunt and the consequences of such carelessness can be severe so, follow the famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Improper clothing

Pay close attention to your clothing. Make sure to wear disruptive patterns and colors as they will camouflage with the overall environment such that your prey is unable to notice you.

On the other hand, you can also tailor your clothing as per the weather. In warm weather, opt for light clothing while during the fall and winter months, keep yourself insulated with layers. Let the first layer be of polypropylene material followed by wool and a protective outer layer.

Also, pay attention to your shoes and belt. Make sure they are of a good brand and quality. You can always opt for a 5.11 belt as it is extremely durable, lightweight, and efficient. When talking about shoes, make sure they are reliable and support your ankle and knees and are sturdy enough.

Too much rattling

Yes, rattling and calling are again responsible for driving the bucks closer but too much of each of these will frighten them and they will run away. Moreover, in different parts of the season, different calls produce different results. If you are unsure which call to use when, avoid using any.

Apart from the aforementioned things, do keep in mind to practice well before actually going for hunting as it is a sport which can only be mastered with skill and practice. This will help you assess your performance and better yourself so that you can have a great hunting experience. So, go and enjoy your time in the woods. Happy and safe hunting!



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