6 Bundles to Include in a New Mum Hamper

Your friend or a family member has just had a baby, and you want to get them something. But you can hardly find the time to go shopping, finding the perfect gift, carrying it all the way home, and then wrapping it. So, why not get them new mum hamper that are pre-made baskets carrying the best baby and mom products.

According to research, the global baby products market size will reach $16.78 billion by 2025. Therefore, many shops online have done the hard work for you and organized these gift sets into bundles, which only need to be ordered and sent to whoever you desire. Moreover, there are recurrent discounts and free shipping offers if you order more than one bundle at a time. 

You can buy the best new mum hampers from various places in Australia. These hampers are of many kinds, such as:


     1. New Mum Bundle 

On Mother’s Day, give your mom a hamper filled with luxury treats that will help her feel pampered and relaxed. Complete with a range of luxurious and soothing products and scents, your mother will find the ideal way to unwind with this bundle.

     2. Mum And Baby Spa Break Bundle

Create memories that last forever with your very own DIY spa day where you get to relax in your choice of shower gel or body scrub while your little one enjoys a sweet treat and new toy.

      3. Newborn Essentials 

There are many products you need when bringing a newborn home from the hospital to your life. That is why most companies have put together newborn essentials bundles to make shopping easier for you. Such bundles for newborn usually includes:

  • Car seat or buggy for the baby
  • Baby sleeping bag to keep them safe and warm

Some hampers even include a gift voucher to help you choose the items missing from your bundle. So, if you do not already own them or want something more, use those vouchers.

     4. Luxury Gift Hampers for New Mums

Some of these bundles go above and beyond the basics and offer delicious and luxurious food and drink items alongside top-of-the-range beauty products and accessories. Hence, it is perfect for pampering a new mum. Such hampers include treats like:

  • Champagne or wine
  • Fine cheese
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Soaps and candles
  • Spa day voucher

     5. Get Them The Basics 

If you do not know what the new mum already has or needs, it might be easier to go for a bundle that gets them set up with the basics. For instance, it could include items like: 

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Clothes and shoes for baby
  • Bedding and towels
  • Feeding bottles and accessories
  • Baby monitor 

     6. The Complete Nursery Package 

If you want to surprise the new parents with setting up their nursery, then a complete nursery bundle might be just what you are looking for. These include everything from furniture and bedding to toys to decor. With this bundle, you can be sure that the new baby will have a room that is ready for them when they come home.

Enjoy giving the new mum in your life a bundle of joy with one of these great gift ideas. Some of these bundles go above and beyond the basics and offer delicious and luxurious food and drink items, an incredible array of beauty products and accessories. 


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