5 Tips For Hiding Easter Eggs Ready For Your Kids To Enjoy 

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Easter is just around the corner, and it’s a good time for family fun. Easter egg hunt is one of the activities that makes a perfect way to start the Easter holiday on the right note. While it can be fun to throw around some eggs in the lawn and let the kids find them, it’s possible to add some flare to it to make them always look forward to such times. 

To help you make the egg hunt a bit more fun this year, here are a few tips that’ll ensure your little ones have a time of their lives.  

     1. The Treasure Hunt 

Children love treasure hunts and having one in the lawn or the backyard could feel as good. Draw a map complete with clues and detours. Include some pictures to make it a bit easy for them. You can make it more fun by adding extra maps in some spots and watch them have fun as they engage their problem-solving skills to find the treasure.  

Be part of the hunt as an encourager to keep them from getting frustrated when they can’t find the Easter eggs

     2. A Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is not only fun but it helps the children learn as well. The idea is to hunt for specific eggs distinguished either by color or by shapes. It’s a great way to help kids practice shapes and colors. You may encourage them to announce when they find the eggs by saying the colors or shapes out loud. 

To make it a successful hunt by having a list of the different eggs that the kids are scavenging. If you want to make them a bit more competitive, set a prize for the child who finds all the eggs. To avoid disappointing some children, ensure that there are enough eggs for each type so that eventually everyone gets rewarded.   

You don’t want to be in a situation where a child has lesser eggs in their basket because the numbers didn’t match for each.  

     3. A Hunt for the Basket 

If the Easter Bunny is a bit more generous and brings an Easter basket for your kids, make it more fun by letting them find it. Give the kids elaborate clues by drawing pictures of items near the place they can find the basket. Make the clues easily recognizable by the kids to keep them from losing interest in the hunt. 

Try to make the hunt long enough to be fun but not too long that it becomes boring. Now watch and see if they can find the basket. 

     4. Find Your Name Hunt

If your kids can already recognize letters or are learning to, this game fits perfectly with them. This hunt aims to have the children pick out the eggs that have letters that can spell their names. It doesn’t have to follow the specific sequence as long as they can eventually spell out their name. See how well they can recognize the letters as you help them practice. 

The hunt is to help the children spell out their names as fast as they can. To encourage them to do it quickly, have a prize for the first child who spells their name correctly. 

     5. Let Them Hunt in Teams

An Easter egg hunt is usually a fun activity for kids. You can make it even better by creating teams that can compete against each other. Teaming up the young ones with your older children will make it even more enjoyable. Being in a team enhances a child’s social skills by encouraging them to cooperate with team mates and seek for help. 

 Things That Make A Successful Easter Egg Hunt 

Hiding the eggs shouldn’t be complicated and organizing for the hunt shouldn’t be either. To make it even more successful and fun use the following planning tips. 

  • Make A plan for Different Age Groups: Vary the egg hunt difficulty by age. Let the toddlers have an easy time hunting in open lawns while the older children get more challenging hiding spots.

  • Keep It Fair: If you’ve several children, ensure there are enough eggs for each child to avoid arguments. Each child should have their particular colors to hunt. 

  • Make Your Eggs: The good thing is that you can let the children be part of the planning by helping you color the Easter eggs.  

Be Creative in Your Hiding Spots:

  • Try not to hide the eggs in the obvious places especially when dealing with older children.
  • Try and find a spot that’ll give children the thrill of finding it.
  • Remember, the hunt aims to have fun and socialize. 

Try to Keep It Safe

Set the boundary of where children can go and where they can’t. If there are smaller kids, you can tape off the area to keep them from wandering outside the boundary. Finally, have a plan B just in case the weather of the day doesn’t match with an outdoor activity.



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