5 things you should know about contact lenses

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Today, one of the most important things that you can have are strong eyes that never feel weak or needlessly damaged. That’s why many people turn to getting eye protection and assistance through glasses and contact lenses. ContactLenses.com.au make it easier than ever to buy contact lenses online, but you still need to know what you are buying first and foremost.

Before you commit to using contact lenses, then, here are five increasingly important things that you should know about contact lenses before you go ahead and make the investment.

  1. Remember that contact lenses need a prescription

Just like getting a pair of glasses, you need a prescription if you wish to buy good quality contact lenses. That’s why you should look to get a prescription planned out as it will give you a clear idea of the type of lens that you need. this will mean that you can get something that is the right size, strength, and substance to be compatible with your eye.

The exact type of prescription that you get will naturally be dependent on the condition of your eyes. Keep that in mind, and you can really start to see some major gains over time. It will also ensure that you can avoid issues with your eyes, such as incompatibility. So, don’t just assume you can buy any old pair of lenses and pop them in; like glasses, they need to be tailored for you.

2. Contact lenses aren’t meant for tap water

If you were to go and buy a pair of contact lenses today, one thing you will be told about them is that they should be cleaned. And that is true – but you clean them with a bespoke solution, not just plain old water. Contact lenses should be washed in water, as the water can have a bacterial build-up that it then places directly on top of your eye.

Also, water has an amoeba that lives within it called acanthamoeba, and this has a history of leading to some pretty serious eye infections for people. So, make sure you don’t rinse out those lenses by using water alone. Water is NOT enough – it can actually lead to damage to the lens and, indirectly, to your eye.

So, make sure that you get contact lens cleaning solutions as opposed to using plain old water.

3. Contact lenses have a lifespan

While many assume that glasses and contact lenses are here to last until you physically break them, that is not the case. Contact lenses have a lifespan, so trying to wear them for too long can be damaging to your eyes. If you buy one day disposable contact lenses, don’t try and get two days out of the same lens!

You should always try and make sure that you stick to the dates as exactly as you can. The main reason is for your health. Over-usage of a contact lens can mean that protein builds up in the eye, which can reduce eye quality and can actually limit the condition of your cornea. This could lead to eye infections or, worse, lasting retina damage.

So, that extra day you got from a daily disposable could cost you a whole lot more than you gained.

4. Contact lenses have a wearing schedule – stick to it

Just as you are told when and where to wear glasses, contact lenses are much the same. While they might make easier, wearing them for too long can be as damaging in the long-term as wearing them too little. So, you will be restricted to lens usage for X hours per day. You should avoid using them for longer than that per day, as it’s going to be important to keep lenses clean and to properly store them in and out of being used.

Make sure that you listen to the expert who you get your contact lenses from about the timetable for wearing them. This will go a long way to making sure that your contact lenses last for years to come. On top of that, it’ll ensure you don’t wear them when you shouldn’t – such as when you are asleep.

5. You might need to adjust your fit

After a week or two of wearing contact lenses, you should be in a good position to know how well they are working for your eyes. We recommend that you use this time to think very carefully indeed about what you are going to be putting over your eyes. Are you noticing an improvement in your visual quality?

Are you perhaps noticing any problems with your vision? Any side-effects which weren’t mentioned to you when buying the lenses? Then you should probably reach out for some kind of help as soon as you can.

The sooner you find a problem with the lens, the easier it’s going to be for you to correct the issue at hand and make sure that you get lenses which are perfect for what you are needing them for. A bit of planning can go a long way to making sure you get positive, progressive results!

Take the time to think about the following factors and buying (and using) contact lenses should automatically become a much easier prospect. It can seem confusing at first, but so long as you buy from the right experts it really isn’t as difficult as it might first appear. 



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