5 Things to Consider Before Buying Car Tires Online in 2022

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On average, you need to replace your car’s tires every five years depending on their type, quality and use. 

When tires wear out, their tread patterns and grooves also start to deplete, making them more prone to accidents.

Since your life is far more important than money, it is best to replace a worn-out tire immediately. 

Thanks to the internet, today you can buy quality tires through online stores. But, how do you know whether you have bought the best one or not? 

Well, don’t worry because we have prepared a list of five things you can consider before buying from an online tyre shop Dubai

Here you go:

  1. Do they have a pool of options?

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Online stores are much more diverse in terms of price, type, size and brand than offline stores. 

Before choosing a store, you must introspect the tire specifications and check out the variety. If you don’t find much variety in terms of dimensions and brands, then it is probably not the right place to buy from. 

It would be best if you aimed to find a store with diverse products and a good reputation in the market. 

  1. Do they offer discounts and accommodate various payment methods?

Offline stores generally do not offer as many discounts as online stores do. Online stores provide coupons on your purchase, cashbacks in your wallets and discounted prices. 

Most people buy online because they get to save a lot more money. They don’t have to spend their fuel to reach the store, only to buy tires at retail prices. 

Moreover, online stores give them the liberty to pay through credit cards on which they can avail of offers and cashbacks that will further reduce their overall spending. 

  1. Do they provide free delivery?

Often online stores deliver tires to your doorstep for free. It is highly unlikely that a store would ask you to pay extra for home delivery. 

Besides that, online stores provide remote fitment facilities too. Upon your delivery, their experts will visit your home with all the required equipment and replace your old tires with new ones. They take care of tire balancing and alignment too. 

Therefore, if an online store is asking you to pay extra delivery charges, it would be best to bid them adieu. 

  1. Do they have good reviews and ratings?

The online world is highly transparent. No website or brand can get away with fraud, bad customer experiences and selling products of substandard quality. 

Since most online stores are listed on Google, Facebook and Instagram, it is easy to check how they have been performing by looking at their reviews and ratings online. 

Customers these days are highly vocal about their purchases. They never shy away from sharing their experiences on social media. Because of that, brands are always under constant scrutiny.  

Therefore, you must consider customer testimonials, reviews, ratings given on social media, Google listing and their website to know more about their credibility.

  1. Are their online stores protected?

Mounting cyber crimes have become a headache for more online stores. Hackers target unencrypted websites that are easy to decipher and steal information from. 

Therefore, before making a purchase, you must see if their website is SSL or Secure Sockets Layer encrypted. SSL is a security protocol that protects the data transferred between the server and the user’s web browser so that hackers cannot decipher it and steal sensitive information like credit/debit card details, bank details, phone numbers etc.

So, choose a store only if you see a grey padlock ahead of their website’s URL. 

Final Thoughts

Online purchases come with multiple benefits in terms of price, variety and services. But you should be aware of their security, perks and reputation so that you land on the best online store. 



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