Me and my Sis!

My sister and I just bought a condo together and I’m not sure if it was the best idea or the worst idea I’ve ever had. I love my sister and we’ve always been really close but we’ve never actually lived together and we’re very different people. For example, I’m a cat kind of girl and she loves dogs – we each have one of the respective animals. They get along okay but how will it be with all four of us living in a confined space? I hope our decorating styles aren’t too different, either. I’m more modern and minimalist and she really likes bright colors and patterns, at least in the clothes she wears. Since I’m the more organized of the two of us I’m going to be in charge of paying the bills and writing the mortgage check every month. She’s going to have to get better about paying me on time! I’ve been looking online at to see about lowering our electricity rates and I’ve also talked to the neighbors about who they use for internet service to see if I can get a good deal (my sister’s idea was just to use someone else’s wireless signal. Sigh.) Anyway, I think it was a great financial decision for both of us because we both had inheritance money from my grandma laying around and real estate is almost always a good bet. I just hope that by the end of the first year of living in this 1,400 square foot condo together we don’t want to kill each other! My parents seem really happy that we’re still close and that we’re going to move in together, though, so I guess that’s something to work towards. I don’t want to let anyone down but it’s going to be easier said than done having to deal with all my sister’s eccentricities and sometimes selfish ways, you know? I guess that’s the nature of just about any sibling relationship I can think of, though.


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